Women's Equality Party and the Tunbridge Wells Alliance join forces

Women's Equality Party and the Tunbridge Wells Alliance join forces

25th April 2019

THE Women’s Equality Party has teamed up with the Tunbridge Wells Alliance to voice their opposition to the Calverley development.

Last week, Liz Orr and Céline Thomas, the Women’s Equality Party candidates, delivered a giant cheque to the Town Hall, made out for £90 million and signed ‘the people of Tunbridge Wells’, in protest at the cost of the proposed civic project.

Liz Orr, who is standing for Culverden in this year’s local election, said: “Both I and the Tunbridge Wells Alliance are standing against the civic project, and in Culverden ward the Tunbridge Wells Alliance is standing aside to endorse my candidacy.

“Together we can hold the council to account on this issue. If elected, I would be an independent voice on the council and would ensure that local residents are heard and represented properly.”

Bob Atwood from the Tunbridge Wells Alliance added: “The Tunbridge Wells Alliance and the Women’s Equality Party have agreed to join forces in an effort to stop the Council from spending any more taxpayers money on this unwanted, unneeded and ridiculously extravagant project.

“We share an interest in getting councillors elected who will challenge the current complacent Conservative majority, and who will listen to the needs and requirements of local residents, instead of ignoring them.” 

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