Veteran entertainer comes to Salomons for a worthy cause

Roy Hudd with 'Mind the Gap' campaigner Chris Jeffries

Veteran entertainer comes to Salomons for a worthy cause

15th March 2019

COMEDY legend Roy Hudd is at Salomons Estate next weekend, discussing his 63 years in showbusiness with his wife Debbie, all in the name of a charity that is attempting to get carers paid leave from work to deal with emergencies.

Currently, carers of people with disabilities or those suffering long term health issues are not legally entitled to any paid leave, regardless of what happens to their loved ones.

Campaigner Chris Jeffery is hoping to change all that with his campaign ‘Mending the Gap’, and he has enlisted veteran comic, actor and entertainer, Roy Hudd to help him.

“Since November 2009, I have been campaigning for those juggling work in the private sector and caring for an elderly or disabled family member to be allowed 5 days paid carers leave per year,” explained Mr Jeffries.

“The aim is that working family carers don't have to take unpaid leave or annual leave every time the person they care for needs to attend hospital or at other times of crisis.”

In order to raise money for the charity, Roy Hudd and his wife Debbie are hosting a special afternoon of chat and reminiscences that cover more than six decades of the entertainer’s career.

Mr Hudd said: “This is our very different chat show. Debbie interviews me about my long career – a collection of triumph, disasters, stories, songs and a lot of jokes.”

An Afternoon with Roy and Debbie Hudd takes place at Salomons Estate on Sunday, March 24 from 2pm.Tickets are £20 and available at Shopmobility in Royal Victoria Place or by email at

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