MP visits Dolphin Centre to discover advances in ASD

FACT-FINDING: MP Greg Clark with speech and language therapist Lyndsey Tilley

MP visits Dolphin Centre to discover advances in ASD

by Andy Tong | 14th August 2019

TUNBRIDGE WELLS MP Greg Clark visited the Dolphin Centre in the town to find out more about support given to children and young people.

The centre hosts a variety of clinics with paediatricians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and specialist nurse advisors.

Mr Clark wanted to find out about the help given to those with autism spectrum disorder [ASD].

Dr Joseph Kalegis talked Mr Clark through the challenges facing children with the condition.

With a high demand for assessment nationwide, he learned about improvements that have been made to waiting lists for local children with ASD issues to be diagnosed.

The Kent Community Foundation Trust has centralised its administration and improved signposting for referrals.

The Trust has commissioned external providers to support the service so that all those who were on a backlog list were seen by the end of July.

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