Lord Andrew Adonis gives his take on Brexit in Tunbridge Wells speech

Andrew Adonis gives a speech

Lord Andrew Adonis gives his take on Brexit in Tunbridge Wells speech

by William Mata | 19th November 2018

EUROPHILE Labour peer Lord Andrew Adonis called for Brexit to be stopped on a visit to Tunbridge Wells last weekend.

The former adviser to Tony Blair addressed an event organised by the pro-remain TW-IN group at the Camden Centre on Saturday [November 17].

Around 200 ticketholders watched the 45 minute speech, which followed a turbulent week for the government with several Cabinet resignations.

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark, who remains Business Secretary, has been criticised by TW-IN after repeatedly backing the Government.

As a Brexit deal is negotiated, Lord Adonis said a ‘fantastic’ offer is to be had, one with less trade friction, border control, peace in Ireland and economic opportunity – by remaining in the European Union.

TW-IN are campaigning for a People’s Vote for a final say on any deal, which they would like to include an option to remain part of the EU.

The group previously handed out Tunbridge Wells passports in celebration of the town being the only Kent constituency to vote remain in the 2016 referendum.

Seb St John, chair of the TW-IN, said: “I would encourage every resident to contact their MP demanding a final say with a referendum based on facts.

"We know Greg Clark’s own Parliamentary office cannot cope with the backlog of letters they've been receiving from his own constituents demanding a People's Vote.

“Those fortunate enough to get a reply find his responses wholly inadequate and this suggests that his own heart isn't truly behind his own Government.”

Mr Clark has been approached by the Times for his thoughts on the subject.

TW-IN will host Jason J Hunter, an international trade negotiator, on December 7.

For more information, visit: tw-in.co.uk

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