Foreign-registered lorries flout Dart Charge

Foreign-registered lorries flout Dart Charge

18th December 2018

TENS of thousands of foreign-registered lorries fail to pay the Dart Charge according to a Freedom of Information request submitted to Highways England.

The Freedom of Information request was submitted by Kent Liberal Democrats, who are calling for a new system to be introduced before plans for the new Lower Thames Crossing are introduced.

“The continued failure to collect tolls from foreign registered vehicles is getting ridiculous. A new system should be introduced as quickly as possible, and the new Lower Thames Crossing should have a consistent system when completed and open for use,” said Cllr Ian Chittenden, Lib Dem Spokesperson on Transport issues on the County Council.

He said collection of tolls from foreign vehicles has remained an unresolved problem on the Dartford Crossing since 2014 when the toll booths were removed.

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