By train and coach they descended on Parliament

By train and coach they descended on Parliament

27th March 2019

AS MANY as a thousand people from Tunbridge Wells travelled to London at the weekend to take part in a Brexit protest march.

An estimated one million from around the UK descended on Parliament Square on Saturday for the ‘Put it to the People’ march, demanding the government holds a second vote on Brexit.

Hundreds of people from Tunbridge Wells, the only Kent constituency to vote predominately remain in the 2016 Brexit vote, filled the trains and caught coaches to London as they attempted to make their voices heard and encourage the government to give the people another say on leaving the EU.

Sebastian St John, chairman of TWIN [Tunbridge Wells In], said around 300 people from his group, ranging from pensioners to children, caught the train to Charring Cross to join the protest.

 “The overwhelming message is that Brexit is not the right way to solve the problems in the country,” said Mr St John.

“People in Tunbridge Wells need to be represented, as the government is not speaking for the 48 per cent [who voted to remain].”

The London march was one of the largest since the Iraq War protest of 2003, which was unsuccessful in getting the government to change their mind.

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