Was magazine’s attack on town a load of ‘Bull’?

Hattie Harrison Fran Taylor

A 4-2 victory against Hereford FC at the Longmead Stadium on Saturday saw Tonbridge Angels reach the fourth round of football’s FA Cup for the first time in nine years on Saturday.

The win also made up for a lighthearted attack the travelling ‘Bulls’ fans made on the town’s culinary tastes in ‘Talking Bull, an online magazine produced by some of the supporters.

An article claimed Tonbridge had ‘quite limited’ local refreshments and added: “This is the land of £4+ pints and gastropub prices in the wealthiest part of Kent and one of the most well to do parts of the country as a whole.”

The article was not completely dismissive of the local scene. The writer named his town ‘pub of choice’ as the Punch & Judy, due to the availability of Harvey’s and other real ales.

But the article went on to warn: “Off duty police officers regularly frequent this establishment so mind your P’s and Q’s.”

Such detailed local knowledge was further exemplified by their suggestion for people to eat and drink in Sevenoaks before the game, since ‘the Wetherspoons there is fine’.

Tonbridge Angels’ spokesperson Jim Rowe was bemused by the Hereford fans’ culinary concerns.

He said: “I would have thought that the well-travelled Bulls supporters might have wanted to sample the delicious Angels burgers and hot dogs washed down with a refreshing pint of Tonbridge real ale. They may have missed a trick and could have saved some money at the same time!”

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