Town projects will help drive thriving economy

Town projects will help drive thriving economy

MAJOR commercial developments in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge will help steer the region’s economy, according to a new report.

The Kent Property Market Report 2017 points to town centre expansion and plans to build hundreds of homes as key to driving growth.

A spokesman welcomed Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s plans for a Civic Complex, which would create an additional 1,858-square-metres of office space,
as well as a £70million expansion to Royal Victoria Place.

In Tonbridge & Malling, proposals to build 850 homes are also listed as an expected boost.

Produced by Caxtons Chartered Surveyors, Kent County Council [KCC] and Locate in Kent, the report predicts these and other projects will grow the Mid and West Kent economies.

Caxtons Chairman Ron Roser said: “I am delighted research showed Kent as a whole was in a positive position, with business activity and occupier demand remaining robust and extending across the county.

“The county is home to business locations with a critical mass of high growth industries and towns with a cogent regeneration story, both providing options for investors.”

The report lists that the development of Maidstone East railway station to accommodate
Thameslink services will also lead to financial growth.

Mark Dance, KCC Cabinet member for Economic Development, said: “I appreciate the
county has not been left untouched by the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit.

But I’m pleased to say business activity and demand has remained strong. We have seen
a continual improvement in market confidence extending right across the county over the
last year.”

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