Tonbridge Daily calendar welcomes new sponsor

THE photographic competition to be featured in the hugely popular Tonbridge Daily calendar is open.

The brainchild of Tonbridge Daily blogger Suzannah Niklas, the calendar features images of the town sent in by local photographers.

Now in its fourth year, the 2019 edition sold more than 1,000 copies, with orders coming in from all over the world. The proceeds raised almost £1,800 for three local charities.

This year’s beneficiaries will be Hospice in the Weald, the 17th Tonbridge Scout and Guide Band and Rett UK, which supports people suffering from the rare neurological disorder.

The 2020 charities were nominated by the public and Mrs Niklas said: “There were so many to choose from and the task was difficult. The chosen organisations were all highly popular with local readers.

“It is the massive community involvement in the calendar’s production and sales that is its success.

“Who would have thought a town calendar could unite so many people, all helping in their own way to make it a winning project for the town.”

There is a new sponsor for the project, Citrus Financial Management Ltd in Hildenborough.

Mrs Niklas said: “I’m really excited and proud to work with a local company who shares the same strong community values as Tonbridge Daily.

“It’s headed by Managing Director David Braithwaite, the plain-speaking financial expert whose comment and opinion is often called upon by the media, and is frequently heard on BBC Radio and TV.

“I’m extremely grateful to David’s generous offer which will enable three locally connected causes to benefit from the funds.”

He also presents his own show, On The Air With David Braithwaite, on BBC Radio Kent each Tuesday evening from 9-10pm.

Mr Braithwaite said: “Having always been a local business we are genuinely thrilled to be involved in the Tonbridge Daily calendar for 2020.

“I grew up and still live in the Tonbridge area, and the calendar shows what a truly sharing community we all are, and how involved people love to be with this project.

“I cannot think of a better way to highlight that sense of community and belonging in Tonbridge than by using local talent to photograph an area we all know and love, and using this as a vehicle to give back to those incredible charitable causes that benefit.”

The winning entries for the photography competition will be chosen by a panel of judges comprising Mrs Niklas; Christine Highland, an artist at ArtSpring Gallery and creator of iconic maps of local towns; local photographer Emma Stokes; personal stylist Elisa Trayner; and Sam Goode, co-founder of Tonbridge Old Fire Station.

To enter, send the photo with your name and its location in jpeg form to by August 11.

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