Police call on Tonbridge to ‘surrender’ guns and ammunition

Police call on Tonbridge to 'surrender' guns and ammunition
IN THE CLEAR: Those taking part will not face prosecution and can be anonymous

Kent Police are appealing for the public to ‘surrender’ unwanted or illegal firearms and ammunition at the front counter until Sunday February 3 – the amnesty was due to end on Friday.

More than 120 firearms, including shotguns and pistols, have been handed in along with approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Detective Chief Inspector Patrick Holmes said: “We have had such an excellent response to this year’s surrender that we decided it would be beneficial to extend the surrender, allowing more members of the public who may not have been able to visit a station just yet, time to bring in their unwanted or illegally held firearm.

“Every firearm off the streets is another weapon which has been prevented from being potentially used in criminal activity so I would encourage residents to please continue to take full advantage of this surrender and hand over any unwanted or unlicensed firearms.”

He added: “You could help save a life by preventing it from falling into the wrong hands and you will not be prosecuted for possessing the weapon.”

The items include replica and antique firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, component parts and other ballistic items.

Those taking part can remain anonymous. A police spokesperson said: “Many firearms are held innocently with owners unaware of their illegality, or are overlooked heirlooms forgotten in people’s homes.

“Any firearm believed to be linked to criminal offences will be investigated in the usual manner.

More than 300 guns were handed in to Kent Police during last year’s amnesty including a Second World War era pistol.

Anyone who wants to dispose of a firearm or ammunition but cannot go to the police station can call 101 and a collection will be arranged.


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