Man fined £670 after dropping cigarette outside railway station

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A MAN from Tunbridge Wells has had to pay almost £700 after throwing away a cigarette end at High Brooms Station.

The offender gave a false name and address when he was charged with littering ­- but was later identified by video evidence.

The incident escalated after an enforcement officer for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council issued a fixed penalty notice to someone later identified as Daniel Birkby in June 2016.

There is a blanket fine of £80 for dropping litter in a public place in the borough. Mr Birkby, of St John’s Road, was given 28 days to pay up.

When the council pursued the non-payment, it transpired that Mr Birkby had in fact given the officer another local resident’s name and address.

Then the council was contacted by someone who said his name and contact details had been used falsely.

He also said that he did not smoke and had not been in the area when the offence occurred.

After examining footage from the officer’s body camera, a member of the council’s Street Scene Team was able to identify Mr Birkby, who was then prosecuted by the council for littering and giving false details.

Mr Birkby did not attend Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court when the case was heard on January 17.

In his absence he was found guilty and fined £220 for littering and £220 for giving false details.

Costs of £200 were awarded against him and he was also required to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

Council Cabinet member Ronen Basu said: “I hope this case makes anyone thinking of giving false details think twice.

“We want people to understand that littering costs the taxpayer money to clear up. By following up and taking action against those who litter we hope to stop it happening.”

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