Christians and Muslims come together to meet ‘hate with love’

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People of different nationalities, ethnicities and faiths (or none) will be joining together in an event at the Town Hall on Saturday called ‘Love Your Neighbour’.

It has been organised by Churches for Tunbridge Wells (CfTW), Tonbridge and Area Churches Together (TACT), and the Muslim community of Tunbridge Wells and surrounding area.

Individuals are invited to take along an A4 or A3 sized sign with the words ‘Love Your Neighbour’ written in their native language as part of an initiative to bring people together from different backgrounds.

Cliff Allen, one of the organisers said: “As local Christian and Muslim communities we wanted to offer an opportunity to draw people together in a positive way to build greater community cohesion.

“It is our desire that we meet hate with love, confusion with hope, anger with peace and fear with joy, and this begins by getting to know those who live around us, and doing something positive in their lives.’

Yasser Balesaria, another organiser of the event said: “We hear a lot about being ‘tolerant’ of others, but tolerance can be quite passive, whereas the call to ‘Love our Neighbour’ is powerful and positive and can have a profound impact in our community.

“The motto of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is ‘Love Where You Live’, but we are calling on people to ‘Love Your Neighbour – where you live.'”

The event takes place on SaturdayJanuary 28 2017; 1.30-3.00pm on the steps outside the Town Hall in Tunbridge Wells.

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