Brexit Party storm to victory in Tonbridge as Greens grab more votes than Tories

ELECTRIC SHOCK: Deputy Leader Amelia Womack with Green Councillors April Clark and Mark Hood and the Green Party’s electric bus in Tonbridge

Brexit Party storm to victory in Tonbridge as Greens grab more votes than Tories

by Andy Tong | 29th May 2019

THE results of the elections for members of the European Parliament [MEPs] in Tonbridge & Malling reflected the national surge for the Brexit Party.

Nigel Farage’s party came first in the borough with 15,713 votes or 42.2 per cent –though its delegates will only hold their seats until October 31, when Britain leaves the European Union.

The Liberal Democrats and Greens – both running on a ticket to hold a second referendum on EU membership – polled 8,264 and 4,810 respectively, or 22.2 per cent and 12.9 per cent.

The Greens received 354 more votes than the Conservatives, who traditionally dominate the political landscape across the South-east.

This reflected their share of less than 10 per cent nationally.

The Brexit Party took four out of 10 seats across the South-east, while the Lib Dems have three, and the Tories, Labour and Greens one each.

Mr Farage claimed a ‘big win’ but his share in the region was 36.07 per cent while the two ‘Remain’ parties had a combined 39.25 per cent.

Frani Hoskins, newly returned as a town councillor for the Lib Dems, said: “I am absolutely delighted that we got three seats in the South-east region and 16 nationally.

“These were stunning results for the Lib Dems after being written off by the press and so many.

“Coming after a wonderful set of local election results, I am glad we stuck with it and plugged away as only Lib Dems can.”

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