All clear for water pipes in Tonbridge network

All clear for water pipes in Tonbridge network
UP AND RUNNING: Residents may have noticed reduced pressure and some discolouration

South East Water has pumped water through pipes at high speed to stir up the sediments which have built up over time, such as iron or manganese.

Jenny Rhodes, Regional Network Manager at South East Water, said: “The fresh drinking water entering our mains after treatment is extremely high quality.

“However, over time deposits can build up in the pipes, particularly if the water is slow-moving.

“Our team of scientists and engineers use information gathered from our customers, from water samples and historical data, to develop a programme to ensure we flush the areas that need it most.”

She added: “We appreciate customers may have concerns about the water used during the process appearing to run to waste.

“But we only draw through our pipes as much as we need, and once the water reaches its journey’s end, it is directed into the drains to be recycled.”

Residents may have noticed a reduction in water pressure and some discolouration.


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