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In his exclusive column for SO, optician Jamie Edney – who runs Edney & Edney with his optometrist wife Ayshah on Monson Road – reveals how to find the perfect frames – and a date for your diary…



Since launching six years ago Edney & Edney has been developing quite a reputation in Tunbridge Wells for expert eyecare and eyewear. More and more new clients are coming for our input on frame choices – many of whom have been recommended by friends and family – and that’s a task we are honoured to undertake!

Frame styling is undoubtedly an art form and making that perfect recommendation takes years of experience. There are many theories floating around the internet about what style objectively suits your specific face shape, but in all honesty, face shape really doesn’t come into it at all at Edney & Edney.



So how do we do it? Well, we like to think we understand the importance of celebrating individuality with our frames, so why would we treat our clients any differently? We try to get to know you as a person, as your specs can speak volumes about your personality, and it’s far more important to match your frames to this – not your face shape. We maintain this sense of individuality by never stocking the same frame twice – once it’s gone it’s gone! So you won’t see your frame on anyone else.


“We like to think we understand the importance of celebrating individuality with our frames”


So now let’s think about colour. Many of us have a natural affinity to warmer, autumnal colours like tortoise shells, reds and browns or colder colours including pale blue crystals and greys. More people are now embracing the eyewear wardrobe – why not have multiple pairs for different outfits and styles. A classic tortoise shell or black frame is a staple in the eyewear wardrobe and is excellent for day to day wear or with monochrome outfits. Additional pairs with contrasting colours and styles can dramatically change your entire look.

Let’s put that into the context of what styles are ‘in’ right now. Thinner, smaller metal call-backs to the 90s are everywhere in pop culture. Although metal frames have historically been seen as the safer, more subtle option, when combined with creative shapes and bold colours, as seen in collections from Ahlem and Theo.



Conversely, our infamous vibrant Kirk & Kirk collection intentionally placed just inside our window contains a number of beautiful, out-spoken, and sometimes outrageous frames – perfectly matched with a client looking to make a bold statement.

Jacques Marie Mage and Dita provide an effortlessly cool, suave, yet professional look. The heavy acetate with delicate metal work offers an exceptionally detailed and exclusive frame with gives the wearer a timelessly stylish appearance.

The aforementioned Theo collection is one of our most versatile. This is because technically it isn’t one collection – but four. The HAPPY CHARACTERS and SWINGS ranges make beautifully unique glasses, while the playful use of colour and unconventional shapes provide a sense of eccentricity.

Meanwhile the larger, bolder NOW OR NEVER and MILLE+80 collections combine titanium and acetate with beautifully engineered hinges and other design features. Selecting which Theo frames to keep in stock is one of my greatest buying challenges as it would be so easy to have them all! Which conveniently brings me onto our showcase event on September 10 where we will be joined by Theo and every single one of their irresistible frames.

The Theo frames will be in the practice all day on September 10 from 9:30am to 4pm and there is no need to book. We are so excited to introduce you to this incredible collection!




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