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Newington Cakes is a luxury wedding cake designer based in Tonbridge which specialises in highly intricate creations that will create a show-stopping centrepiece at any celebration. Here its Creative Director Deborah Newington reveals her key steps to sweet success…


  • Dream

Allow the dynamic dreams of your ideal cake to come to life as you explore the Newington Cakes portfolio and gallery of previous creations via our website. Remember, you can never dream too big during the early stages!


  • Discuss

Let’s discuss your visions, solidify some of your ideas and explore the array of options you have for your cake, from flavour options to styles, this is our moment to talk it out and start coming up with a plan that gives you butterflies!


  • Design

Together, we’ll collaborate and design your dream cake in fine detail. During an in-person meeting we’ll delve deeper into your wedding theme, confirm your colour palettes, experiment with flavours and decide on your ideal cake size.


  • Decide

This is the moment to make those all-important final decisions regarding your cake, and place down your £100 ‘Save the Date’ booking fee to secure your date in our diary. From this moment you will gain exclusive access to your personal portal which contains your design concepts, sketches, payment information and cake progress!

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