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Jennifer Kata from KATA Jewellery on St John’s Road tells SO Magazine about the magic involved in creating bespoke engagement and wedding rings for her clients…


Why do you think more people are choosing bespoke for their engagement rings and wedding bands?

I think it’s because they are looking for a more personal touch. If we are all so unique in who we are, and who we love, then why should the forever symbol of our commitment be any different? Choosing bespoke means your engagement ring and wedding bands will be tailor made to you as a couple. You don’t just have to pick something off the shelf or have the same as everyone else. Having them custom made means they will be as unique as your relationship.

What could be a more thoughtful and meaningful way to symbolise your love than by having the most important rings you will ever buy handmade just for you


How does the making process work for customers looking for custom-made designs?

Finding a jewellery designer that you trust and enjoy working with is key. A well-trained designer will be able to get to know you and discern your heart’s deepest jewellery desires. At KATA Jewellery, we will have an initial consultation, then I will produce a selection of designs for you to choose from and source a selection of gemstones and diamonds that suit your chosen look and budget. The process of selecting your design and gemstones truly is a magical one. I will help you through the process of selecting the perfect gemstones, educating you about the different properties of each stone. But to be honest it is normally very much a decision of the heart not the head. My clients are always instinctively drawn to the gemstone that speaks to them. Once we have finalised all of the elements, our in-house jewellers can begin work hand-making your ‘forever’ piece of jewellery in our workshop. Depending on the complexity of the design, this process takes approximately six-eight weeks.


What is your favourite bespoke engagement ring you have made to date?

At KATA Jewellery we have been thrilled to be able to make some truly romantic and wonderful engagement rings. When clients choose us to bring their dream ring to life, it is up to us to make magic happen. My favourite pieces that we have made recently, since we opened our St. John’s Road boutique last year, have been engagement rings where my client has come to me with a romantic idea and has chosen us to make it happen.

My client, Dan, sent the most wonderful introductory email asking if it were possible to make the engagement ring he had literally been dreaming of. He had been to other jewellers who all told him the level of detail he was asking for was impossible! Well, this isn’t a word in my vocabulary, when you have enough knowledge and skill everything is possible! His girlfriend has a great love for cherry blossom and every time she sees it, it brings out a child-like joy and wonder. Dan wanted to capture this special emotion in the ring. Using an heirloom diamond from his mother as the centre piece, we then designed a ‘Cherry Blossom’ ring with tiny blossom flowers scattered along the branch-like band, each with a tiny pink diamond set in the centre of each. When we presented the engagement ring, Dan was blown away by how perfectly we had been able to capture his vision.


Are there any big trends you are seeing in engagement rings at the moment?

There’s definitely a big resurgence of using coloured gemstones in engagement rings. My clients are being a lot braver with their choices of stone, not just sticking with the classic sapphire, ruby or emerald.

Sapphires aren’t just blue – they also come in a whole rainbow of colourful hues: from a vivid hot pink to serene sea-green shades. A uniquely coloured sapphire definitely seems to be the current gemstone of choice – especially when it’s paired with smaller diamonds for extra added sparkle! Another current trend is the use of an heirloom or family ring as part of a new engagement ring design. Quite often we have ‘Granny’s Diamonds’ from her engagement ring to use as part of a new design. This is always wonderful and it gives the new ring a heritage and story to tell from the beginning.


How can a wedding band be bespoke?

When you choose to have your wedding bands uniquely made, they are done so by hand and totally tailored to you as a couple. The options and possibilities are endless and that’s why we are here to help you discover the perfect bands to symbolise your love. Want matching bands? Two that are totally different? A bit wider? A bit slimmer? With diamonds? Engraving? Gemstones? Enamel? When you realise the options available to you, you will never want to settle for ‘off the shelf’ again! A wedding band is such a timeless symbol of your commitment to each other, and something you will hopefully wear forever. Why not make it exactly what you’ve always dreamed of?


What do you love most about being a personalised jeweller?

The best thing is the people I design and make these special pieces for. Each ring (or pendant or earrings) is completely different because each person I design for is different. When you are designing bespoke jewellery it truly is a rewarding process; it pushes me every day to design something unique and create one off pieces for my clients, which are a reflection of themselves and their personal style. I love being part of ‘Life’s Special Moments’ with them. From the engagement ring and wedding bands, through to eternity rings, special birthday and anniversary gifts. Being a bespoke family jeweller means that people come back to us time and time again for unique, quality pieces of jewellery that are made to last the test of time, and become heirlooms of the future.

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