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SO Magazine’s Lilly Croucher visits Natural Fit on Calverley Road to discover what makes it the town’s most luxurious and flexible health club…


From the moment you walk through Natural Fit’s heavy glass doors you’re met with a feeling of calm far away from the bustling street outside. The stunning white Georgian building was previously home to Barclays Bank before Natural Fit saw an opportunity to create a mini paradise right in the heart of the Tunbridge Wells.

The centrally located health club is a true hidden gem, offering respite from busy everyday life. The club, which opened in early 2020, features a gym, swimming pool, various fitness classes, a café, and a few lounges but it is Natural Fit’s equipment and impressive spa that truly earn the club its stamp of luxury.

The gym is unlike any I had used before thanks to the quality of its equipment – think self-powered treadmills, state-of-the-art rowing machines and a climbing frame that stretches around the gym. And instead of run-of-the-mill brushed steel or chrome, all the equipment here boasts beautiful wooden finishing which chimes well with the club’s overall ethos of being just that little bit different.

After an intense workout and attempting most of the machines, I made my way down to the spa which is an oasis of relaxation. Whilst there, I was able to swim in the heated 18-metre pool and unwind in the beautiful mosaic jacuzzi. The spa also features a steam room, sauna, and a tropical rainfall shower.

One detail I really liked was the window into the café which serves three fresh salads a day, light breakfasts, and a selection of baked good and sweet treats. I ordered a delicious tropical smoothie with banana, mango, pineapple, and coconut milk to drink poolside. Most drinks are available to drink around the pool from cappuccinos to glasses of fizz – as long as they are in a plastic cup.

There are two unique selling points of Natural Fit that sets it miles apart from a traditional health club. The first is the inclusive package it offers for the working professional. Natural Fit can be like a second home for remote workers who don’t go to an office, but still want that important social interaction, while also prioritising their physical health.

The adult-only health club is a good alternative to a traditional office as it permits its members full use of the café and lounge area to sit with a coffee, enjoy lunch and get on with some work. Members then have the freedom to use the gym, take an hour to do a class and then go back to work or head down to the spa for a relaxing after work winddown. Natural Fit is not the type of gym you would probably just pop in and out of – which of course you can do – it is far more of an extended wellness experience that focuses on all aspects of your life.

The second USP is Natural Fit’s approach to health and wellness for each individual. As members join, they are helped and encouraged by the staff to increase their fitness and improve their wellbeing. This is done through their diverse range of instructor-led classes from yoga and Pilates to boxing circuits and even dance classes. They also offer personal training sessions, body screening to analyse the specific areas of focus and a menu of specialised treatments.

Natural Fit has over 400 members at its Tunbridge Wells club and a retention rate of around nine to twelve months – which is much higher than its competitors, where retention is around half that. Natural Fit opened its second branch in Hove inside an old monastery last year and hopes to continue growing the business and improving the quality of the club through more classes and equipment.

Overall, Natural Fit is an excellent private health club that offers stunning facilities and a luxury experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Tunbridge Wells. Whether you’re a working professional, fitness enthusiast, wellness seeker, or just looking to enjoy yourself, Natural Fit is the perfect place for you.


Memberships start from £120 for full use of the gym and several classes to £180 for a full membership with spa access. Find out more at

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