Tis the season to stress less

With Christmas comes a little chaos as we struggle to finish those to-do lists and ensure our children aren’t disappointed if they don’t get the present from Santa they wanted. But, says local Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Therapist Emma Sims, by learning to curb stress levels or anxiety you can help to create a more harmonious home as a result…


Children mirror your energy. If you feel angry, frustrated or overwhelmed this will be reflected back through your child’s behaviour.

When your patience is thin, for example, you may have noticed an increase in tantrums, anger outbursts and general upset. These are physical symptoms of a deep-seated emotion that the child is finding it difficult to express.

When you understand the power of your own unique energy and how this affects everyone around you, life becomes much easier and situations that seem difficult to comprehend at the time become much clearer. Energy is linked to emotion.

Take for example the tantrum in the shop over not getting the toy they like, or their sibling is not listening to what they are saying. The internal urge is so strong that they cannot regulate this emotion and it builds up to a point where it needs to be released. If you can see the trigger through their energy before it happens, the emotion connected to the feeling can be diffused or redirected.

By learning to connect and redirect behaviour, parenting feels more intuitive because you are in touch with your child’s feelings. You are aware of their emotional triggers which allow you to spot the signs before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Children are born with their intuition fully developed but sadly as they journey through life they quickly learn that the only way to validate their world is through either a logical or analytical approach. When children connect with their intuition by listening to their inner voice, observing the messages in their body and acting on this instinctive guidance they experience a deeper connection both internally and externally.

As a mother of three children I know from personal experience how anxiety can affect a family, not only is it distressing for the parent but it is debilitating for the child. By getting to the root cause of the problem I have helped children and parents to understand the triggers.

I can see where the energy is stored within the body through the use of crystals, Reiki energy and meditation and I share simple and effective practices with you so that you can begin to nurture intuition, build confidence and empower your child.

The results I have seen when children connect with their energy through Reiki and intuition, during and after a treatment, is life-changing.

As a society we are constantly distracted by the bombardment of technology and a current challenge for children is not feeling heard. Mental health in children is at the highest it has been with recent statistics showing 1 in 6 children are showing signs of mental health problems. Children shouldn’t have to wait for a crisis to happen, the more we can foster their genius, build confidence through inner guidance and nurture their intuition, the more empowered they will be.



Emma Sims is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Therapist with a practice in Tunbridge Wells helping people to transform their lives through energy work. Emma’s heart-centred approach with clients around the world both online and in person has allowed her to achieve life changing results. To book your treatment, workshop or course please visit:


Email: emma@emmajanesims.com

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