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Charlotte Newman, founder of Kitch fashion boutique on the High Street celebrates Dea Kudibal’s 20th anniversary collection which she describes as a love letter to festive elegance

Dea Kudibal, a Danish luxury fashion brand, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in style with the release of a collection that is nothing short of spectacular. This remarkable collection speaks of celebration and exuberance, drawing inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. Their party-filled journey through the Twenties and Thirties serves as the muse for Dea Kudibal’s latest collection, making it a love letter to the allure and elegance of festive dressing.

For two decades, Dea Kudibal has been at the forefront of the fashion industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. One of the most remarkable aspects of this collection is its ability to seamlessly blend vintage glamour with modern sophistication. While drawing inspiration from the past, the designs are tailored for the present, offering versatility that allows you to transition from day to night effortlessly.

The Roaring Twenties was an era marked by dramatic social and cultural change. This collection pays homage to that period, embodying the essence of the Twenties with intricate embellishments and delicate fabrics.

The pieces from this period exude an air of rebellion and freedom, making them perfect for those who wish to dance their way through this festive season in style. The Thirties were an era of Hollywood glamour, epitomised by bias-cut gowns and luxurious fabrics.

Their tribute to this period features sophisticated silhouettes, draped designs and an opulent use of shimmering textiles. The collection encapsulates the grace and extravagance that defined the Thirties, offering a contemporary take on that timeless allure.

Each garment is a work of art, ensuring that you not only look impeccable but feel good about your choice. A must-have from the collection, the Flornette dress features one dramatic ruffled sleeve on a fitted bodice. The sleek flared skirt and silk taffeta add to the dramatic silhouette. If you are feeling more dramatic, the Tulippi dress was created for you.

The oversized sculptural sleeves create a striking silhouette, while the metallic jacquard material adds a luxurious quality that is perfect for parties. An understated piece from the collection, the Bianca dress is both elegant and stylish. This silk maxi dress has a high neck, voluminous sleeves and a sophisticated print of lilies on a black background.

Raise a toast to Dea Kudibal’s journey and celebrate the holiday in style, adorned in the epitome of glamour and sophistication. As we approach the festive season, immerse yourself in the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties and the Glamorous Thirties with a touch of modern sophistication. A love letter to festive dressing, this collection captures the heart, soul and thrill of a great party.



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