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Kate Edmondson is founder of the local specialist organisation and decluttering service Home Edited. Here she reveals her top tips on how you can detox your home and improve your well-being at the same time…


A cluttered home can have an impact on our levels of stress and anxiety, as well as our productivity, so why not let 2023 be the year you take control of your home and the spaces around you?

But before tackling any organisation project, it’s vital to detox the space or items first. This process allows you to have a full understanding of what you have and what storage is required. This will lead to a more efficient project and ultimately save you time and money.

Spending time browsing websites and researching storage solutions can be time intensive and expensive if you end up purchasing something that doesn’t work well for you. Knowing what you need to store prior to organising is paramount. It’s also worth noting that placing items in containers will only hide them. Remember it does not address the real issue of the amount of ‘stuff’ we have.

Sometimes it’s worth having a full clear out and an exit plan for items we no longer want or need, whether that’s donating to a charity shop or booking a recycling slot. It is all in the organisation.

At Home Edited we are all about creating systems and structures that allow for the long-term organisation. Everything will have a logical place, so you’re left with a perfectly organised space and systems that are maintainable for the future. Here are our some key pointers for you:



Prior to purchasing any storage, be sure to measure the areas where the items will be homed. There are plenty of lovely options available now, whether using storage jars for a pantry, shelf risers for kitchen or bathroom cupboards, drawer dividers in the bedroom, turntables or stylish baskets. These will not only look great, but will allow items be contained and organised, at the same time as elevating any space and enabling you to clearly see what you have. As I always say, a place for everything and everything in its place. Finally, by labelling storage, it allows other household members to take responsibility for keeping the areas organised too. Be sure to check out Home Edited’s favourite local online business, Not a Boring Box, which offer stylish home storage and organisation products.



Bring like items together, allowing anything that comes into the home to be placed in their rightful spot. Creating zones and defined spaces makes for an easier reset on a regular basis. Declutter one space at a time to make it achievable. This will empower you to tackle the next space.

Always be sure to have an exit plan for things that you no longer need. Where are you going to donate, recycle items? Create this handy habit and then keep it up. Little and often makes a big impact. Always ask yourself do I consider this item useful or see it as beautiful? If neither applies, does it need to stay? Remember your home is YOUR home. You do not need to keep items for others. Just because you have created space by decluttering, it does not mean you need to fill it.



Lastly and very importantly, make the time to reset on a regular basis. Always remember the WHY behind the decluttering and organisation process. The WHY behind the simplifying. Is it for more time, more calm, more tranquility, more space and ultimately less chaos? Then what are you waiting for?

If you would like further advice on how to tackle a specific space, get in contact with Kate at Home Edited. She and her team can help take the stress out of a declutter and organisation, but also save you time, provide advice, recommend storage and furniture options. They can also plan spaces so you get best and most out of them, and most importantly leave you with a refreshed home that will bring a sense of order and calm.




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