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There’s a revolutionary skincare treatment creating a buzz in the world of aesthetics and one clinic, Retreat Aesthetics, here in Tunbridge Wells has the exclusive rights on the ground-breaking Exosomes facial. Here its founder Maryna Cole tells Eileen Leahy all about this exciting development in the war on looking younger…


Maryna Cole is a qualified aesthetician who runs her successful clinic, Retreat Aesthetics, at One Warwick Park Hotel. Since launching two years ago, Maryna has been committed to offering her clients the most exclusive, sustainable and regenerative aesthetic skincare treatments available on the market courtesy of her exclusive partnership with the Vivace brand and expert training.

Having worked in the beauty industry for a decade, notably running the Tunbridge Wells branch of Champneys, she decided to retrain as an aesthetician because she wanted to work at the forefront of the aesthetics industry.

“I spent a long time doing my research to find the best products out there to enhance my work and eventually discovered the Vivace Experience; an award-winning, revolutionary treatment which uses micro needling and radio frequency to tighten and brighten ageing or traumatised skin,” she explains.

“It took me about a year to find this treatment as I wanted it to be both sustainable and regenerative.”

Maryna says she was trained by industry expert Dr Shameema Damree who not only taught her about the revolutionary Vivace technique but also about the benefits of using powerful ASCE Exosome ingredients which stimulate the skin cells to produce up to 600% more collagen in treated areas and boosts elastin levels by 300%.

She also works with the award-winning EXoSCRT Exosome which is dubbed the most powerful in the world.

This groundbreaking Exosome treatment is something Maryna is now offering as an unique treatment in her own clinic as well as the Harley Street one she regularly works in alongside the revered maxillofacial surgeon Mr Darryl Coombs who also pioneered the famous Apex facelift.

“Exosomes are an ideal maintenance treatment after someone has had a facelift as well as other facial aesthetic plastic surgical procedures,” Maryna continues.

“The Exosome regenerative complex will accentuate the results of your facelift by rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck. Exosomes have the ability to regenerate the skin by stimulating the skin cells to produce up to 600% more collagen and 300% more elastin, thereby increasing the thickness of the dermis.”

Maryna says the fundamental results of the Exosome treatment are improvement in the skin’s elasticity, an overall firming effect and that holy grail: visibly younger looking skin.

“In addition, ASCE Exosomes have the ability to downregulate the melanocytes (pigment cells in the skin), to correct pigmentation and create a more radiant and flawless skin, as well as reducing any skin inflammation and redness,” she adds.

The ASCE Exosome Regenerative Complex, which is currently taking the beauty and aesthetics world by storm is only available locally at Maryna’s clinic here in Tunbridge Wells. Available in only a few clinics in London alongside that of Mr Coombe’s, the Exosomes treatment is sought after because it also has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, growth factors, amino acids and minerals to provide hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

“I guess you could say they are a more evolved and purified version of stem cells and are therefore highly effective. I would say that Exosomes have revolutionised my clinic.”

Maryna further explains that Exosomes work hand in hand with the skin’s stem cells in that they are signalling ambassadors and although they are around 1/800th the size of a cell they have the ability to awaken and stimulate the skin, which in simple terms helps to slow down the ageing process.

“In the industry we also consider Exosomes as an effective new treatment for Atopic Dermatitis, as it targets skin barrier repair. I also use Exosomes-based regenerative aesthetics as therapeutics to get better healing for the skin and scalp.

“To give you an example: Atopic Dermatitis is one of the most common chronic inflammatory skin disorders worldwide. It affects people of all ages and ethnicities and is the leading cause of the global burden of skin conditions. One out of three people are affected and this number is rising. Skin barrier abnormalities are the cause of early Atopic Dermatitis which then result in inflammation of the skin.”

In addition to the regular treatments available at her Retreat Aesthetics clinic, Maryna can now offer the revolutionary 5 Billion EXO Skin Support too. It was in fact her mentor Dr Damree, who first launched this particular facial treatment at the Urban Retreat in Knightsbridge in January 2023.

“For this treatment I utilise a multi award winner micro needling and radio frequency (RF) device, the Vivace RF with an impressive 5 billion ASCE plus Exosomes layered in between the passes,” states Maryna.

“After a consultation and assessment of my patient’s face, I contour and tighten the chin area, jowls and upper face with the hi-tech device. I also use a medical LED light for a better efficiency of the treatment. I do five different passes with the machine at various depths, so the skin is ultra-receptive. Between each pass I apply an Exosome gel. Due to the device’s RF regeneration properties, the downtime is minimal. It leaves the skin tightened, lifted and glowing from the get go.”

Having already experienced one of these incredible cutting-edge treatments I can personally testify that you can see the benefits of the treatments immediately. The results are, quite simply, fantastic.

“I have been lucky enough to treat some wonderful people and I am very proud to call them my patients,” smiles Maryna. “Readers can have a look at some of my case studies on Retreat Aesthetic’s social media pages for further proof.”

How many Exosome treatments would Maryna advise having – and does this figure differ if she is working with patients after their surgery?

“It really does depend on what we discuss in the patient’s consultation and what I discover during the assessment. However in my professional opinion a series of five appointments is when my patients see the best results.

“The fact some patients may have had surgery does not limit them in any way and they will still see the benefits of our Exosome treatment in the same way that any other patient would.”

Mr Coombes, who is also a specialist in mouth, jaw, ear and nose facial surgery, adds that the pair are hoping to roll out their partnership to other clinics.

“We are planning to offer Maryna’s post-surgical facial treatments elsewhere in the country,” he reveals.

“The confidence my patients have after the surgery and Maryna’s treatments is what makes me happy. There is that thing of being potentially able to change someone’s life…but I also enjoy the challenge of it and giving people the best results possible.”

“The thing I like about working with Darryl is that he’s genuine and has integrity,” concludes Maryna. “I am happy I can bring something to his work as Exosomes are an ideal maintenance treatment post facelift and other facial aesthetic plastic surgical procedures. The Exosome regenerative complex ill accentuate the results of your facelift by rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck.”

So if you’re looking to regenerate your skin or improve the condition of your hair as it ages then this wonder product ASCE Exosomes is the answer – and the good news is you can avail of it right here on the doorstep in Tunbridge Wells…

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