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This month Charlotte Newman from Kitch reveals why she loves the new ‘Ciao Bella’ Collection by Miss June – perfect for your transitional autumn wardrobe…


Close your eyes and let your imagination wander through the ancient streets of Rome. The Eternal City, steeped in history and timeless beauty, has inspired poets, artists and dreamers for centuries.

Now you can embark on your own Italian journey with the enchanting new ‘Ciao Bella’ collection from Miss June. The collection seamlessly blends the allure of Rome’s past with contemporary elegance, inviting you to embrace the essence of the eternal city in your everyday autumnal wardrobe.

Imagine strolling down the cobblestone streets of Rome, where history, art and culture meet at every turn. The city has long been a symbol of timeless beauty and sophistication. With its iconic architecture and rich cultural heritage, Rome serves as the perfect muse for Miss June’s latest collection. A tribute to the city’s timeless beauty, the collection boasts a harmonious blend of classic designs and modern silhouettes which capture the very essence of Rome.

Renowned for its lush gardens and picturesque landscapes, the ‘Ciao Bella’ collection brings the natural wonders of Rome to life through timeless floral prints. The dresses are adorned with intricate floral embroidery and the blouses feature delicate paisley motifs, offering a touch of enchantment to your everyday look. The thoughtful details elevate each piece, evoking the craftsmanship and artistry that Rome is known for, allowing you to feel like you’re wearing a work of art. While the ‘Ciao Bella’ collection draws inspiration from Rome’s timeless aesthetics, it also embraces modern silhouettes and cuts. Tailored maxi dresses, ruffled mini dresses and sleek blouses provide a contemporary look to your wardrobe. These pieces are perfect for embracing Rome’s cosmopolitan side, ideal for dining in the city’s cafes or attending a modern art gallery opening one evening.

Incorporating pieces from the collection into your transitional autumn wardrobe is an opportunity to embrace the changing season with style. The blend of luxurious textures, romantic silhouettes and autumnal colours ensures that you will be well-prepared for the cooler days ahead.

The ‘Ciao Bella’ collection invites you on a journey to the heart of Rome, where history, culture and beauty converge. With its modern silhouettes and romantic details, the collection encapsulates the allure of the eternal city, allowing you to experience the magic of the city with every step you take.

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