Our partnership is mutually beneficial

Our partnership is mutually beneficial

As collaborations go,  the one between internationally revered maxillofacial surgeon Darryl Coombes and talented aesthetician Maryna Cole is certainly a fascinating – and groundbreaking –  one.

Surgeon Darryl Coombes originally trained as a dentist in 1993 before studying medicine and qualifying as a medical doctor in 2000. In 2008 he was appointed as a maxillofacial surgeon in 2008. He worked for the NHS for the next ten years acquiring a broad experience in major reconstructive facial surgery for trauma and cancer before going independent in 2018. He currently works one day a week at the Nuffield Hospital here in Tunbridge Wells, dividing the rest of his time at his clinics in Worthing, East Grinstead and Harley Street in London.

Maryna is a qualified beautician and business entrepreneur who ran the Tunbridge Wells branch of Champneys and then The Royale Retreat for over a decade, before retraining and qualifying as an aesthetician. She now has her clinic, Retreat Aesthetics, at One Warwick Park and is committed to offering her clients the most exclusive, sustainable and results-driven cosmeceutical treatments available on the market, courtesy of her partnership with the Vivace brand and expert training.



So far, so different then in terms of each of their professions but after a serendipitous meeting a year ago, Darryl and Maryna discovered their individual work offered exciting and positive mutual benefits. And as a result they have now joined forces…

“I had always wanted to provide my patients with the opportunity of having some post-operative skin care,” explains Darryl as the three of us sit down to chat following our SO cover photo shoot.

“I’m a qualified maxillofacial surgeon so I have always worked on the face, head and neck but I felt that there was a missing link in terms of ensuring the work I carried out had the necessary aftercare to ensure the best long-term results.”

A lot of Darryl’s clients who have undergone cosmetic facial surgery are now offered a totally unique post-procedure service at Maryna’s clinic.

So how did they meet? “I had the privilege of treating Maryna’s mother,” smiles Darryl.

“She’d had a facelift and some other aesthetic facial surgery. Maryna and I got chatting about what she did and over the course of about a year we talked some more and eventually decided to collaborate.

“I discovered Maryna was doing regenerative aesthetic skincare treatments at her clinic and to me that was all very exciting.”

Maryna explains the reason she decided to retrain and qualify as an aesthetician was precisely because she wanted to specifically work with cosmetic surgeons – so it would seem they were destined to meet.

“After working in the beauty treatment world for over ten years I wanted to retrain in aesthetics. I spent a long time doing my research in terms of finding the best products out there to enhance my work and I eventually discovered the Vivace Experience; an award-winning, revolutionary treatment which uses micro needling and radio frequency to tighten and brighten ageing or traumatised skin.

“It took me about a year to source this treatment that would be both sustainable and regenerative,” continues Maryna.



She says she was trained by expert Dr Shameema Damree who not only taught Maryna about the Vivace technique but also the benefits of using powerful exosome ingredients which stimulate the skin cells to produce up to 600% more collagen in treated areas and boosts elastin levels by 300%.

 “That’s what really struck me. You’ve been really careful about choosing the right products,” comments Darryl who, as well as treating private clients, informs me that he still carries out treatments of skin cancers of the face, head and neck for the NHS.

“I mainly do rejuvenating facial surgery now and created my own facelift, The Apex in 2016. It is very unique and tailormade for each patient. The key thing is though until I met Maryna there was nothing out there that would be classed as a restorative treatment post my work. So she really was the missing piece of the jigsaw.”

The restorative treatment patients receive is courtesy of the aforementioned Vivace microneedling machine that Maryna has invested in for her One Warwick Park clinic Retreat Aesthetics.

“I have now probably treated a dozen of Darryl’s patients but I also have many of my own clients who come to me because they know me from my wellness and spa background and like the way I have fused the beauty side with the revolutionary.

“A lot of them don’t want to undergo anything invasive or that has a huge amount of downtime but they still want to see impressive results and working with Vivace gives them this.

“The technique stimulates a patient’s collagen and elastic production and boasts long lasting results which are better seen within two to three weeks. We do this by addressing various concerns. These include pigmentation and scarring to skin texture and pore minimising.” Maryna explains.

“Every patient is different and the course I offer for Darryl’s post-operative clients promotes amazing regenerative aftercare treatment. We’re talking about improving the skin’s quality, improving the contour of the jaw and healing scarring if it occurs.”



Darryl adds: “If a patient develop post-op adverse scarring or hypertrophic scarring Maryna can really help correct this.”

Maryna further explains that whether it’s a course of treatments for Darryl’s facelift patients or for her long-standing clients who just want to maintain and improve their skin condition, another key bonus is they are all pretty much pain-free.

“My treatments are ideal for those people who are afraid of needles – or who don’t want injectables. Another big advantage to what we do here is that there is very little downtime.”

Would Darryl like to see more aestheticians do this type of post-operative work? “Oh definitely,” he says. “In fact, I’d say it’s almost essential and so thank goodness for Maryna because this is what I’ve wanted for my patients for so long. Getting further support and fine tuning of the surgical treatment I carry out courtesy of Maryna is beneficial in so many ways.”

So what made Darryl transfer over to this particular area of cosmetic surgery? “Well, a lot of the work I did for the NHS was for facial deformity but it still had an aesthetic air to it. So I guess it’s reapplying those techniques I used there to my facelift patients. Surgery like this is like where artistry meets science and that’s the crossover I really like.”

The highly experienced surgeon goes on to say that the industry as a whole has come a long way over the past few decades.

“Things are subtler now – and people don’t want to be in hospital for a night or two. My Apex facelift makes people look refreshed – and not like they’ve actually had any surgical work done!”

Darryl adds that it is mainly women aged between 40-60 who have had the Apex procedure done but that some men have had it too.

“The thing about the Apex is that it’s almost tailormade for each patient. The procedure takes around 90 mins and that’s what patients want: a swift procedure with minimal recovery time. It’s also done under local anaesthetic and therefore patients are completely conscious. There are no bandages and it can also be combined with upper eye lid surgery – blepharoplasty – that’s one of the popular combinations I do and that only takes around two hours.”



Darryl is also a specialist in mouth, jaw, ear and nose surgery too and performs these procedures at all of his clinics. What does he enjoy most about his work?

“Seeing my patients after their surgery,” he responds without hesitating. “The confidence they have afterwards is what makes me happy. There is that thing of being potentially able to change someone’s life…but I also enjoy the challenge of it and giving people the best results possible.”

And now that his and Maryna’s collaboration is proving successful the duo say they have ambitious plans for the future.

“We are working on launching a similar set up in Harley Street,” reveals Maryna. “The thing I like about working with Darryl is that he’s very down to earth and that’s important to me. He is also genuine and has integrity and will therefore turn people down if they don’t need something,” she smiles.

“You’ve got to have a reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery,” adds Darryl. “You certainly don’t want  to operate if people don’t need treatment.”

Before we leave Darryl tells me that as well as looking at offering Maryna’s post-surgical facial treatments elsewhere in the country, he is also looking into training other surgeons to do the Apex facelift.

“We have future plans to train surgeons in this technique and so we will probably start a course next year.”

They’re clearly both excited about this revolutionary time in skincare – and  it’s been exciting to share their story as they’re the ones making it all happen – right here in Tunbridge Wells…



What is the Vivace Experience?

The Vivace Experience is a multi-award winning contouring, tightening and brightening treatment which combines micro needling and radio frequency. It has been specifically designed to minimise any discomfort. Thirty six ultra-fine gold-plated needles penetrate the dermis, delivering the highest radio frequency power available to stimulate collagen production. It’s a really effective scientific skincare treatment which gives really good immediate results. “It is very clever because it can detect specific skin issues, such as wrinkles, pore issues and scarring,” says Maryna.

The Vivace experience:

  • Firstly a numbing cream is applied all over the face. After it has set Maryna gets to work with the revolutionary Vivace Experience needle equipment. The gentle microneedling session lasts around 30 minutes. Maryna also works around the jawline area to encourage skin tightening and lifting.
  • Next a regenerative exosome serum is put all over the face. This stimulates the skin cells to produce up to 600% more collagen in treated areas and boosts elastin levels by 300% thereby increasing the thickness of the dermis.
  • Finally an exosome rich mask is applied. It has holes for the eyes and airways and helps to reinforce all the good work done by the Vivace treatment. This is left on for around 20 minutes and then Maryna works in any residue left. The initial results are impressive with the jawline feeling firmer and skin far more radiant…



All in the detail

Maryna’s work is so effective due to the Exosome Regenerative Complex : The Next Generation Regenerative Aesthetics / Facial Rejuvenation she uses. Dr Shameema Damree who trained Maryna in its efficacy explains its benefits:

“Exosomes are an ideal maintenance treatment post facelift and other facial aesthetic plastic surgical procedures. The exosome regenerative complex will accentuate the results of your facelift by rejuvenating the skin of the face and neck. Exosomes have the ability to regenerate the skin by stimulating the skin cells to produce up to 600% more collagen and 300% more elastin, thereby increasing the thickness of the dermis. The results of the treatment are improvement in the skin elasticity and an overall firming effect. In addition, exosomes have the ability to downregulate the melanocytes (pigment cells in the skin) to correct pigmentation and create a more radiant and flawless skin, reduce any skin inflammation and redness. The Exosome Regenerative Complex has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, growth factors, amino acids and minerals to provide intense hydration and anti-ageing benefits.”



Darryl Coombes CV

Darryl Coombes is known amongst his peers and patients for his outstanding surgical skills, artistic eye and his holistic friendly approach to his practice.

Mr Coombes qualified in both dentistry and medicine at King’s College, University of London in 1993 and 2000 respectively. He obtained his specialist training in oral and facial plastic surgery at major UK NHS centres throughout England, including the world-renowned Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, where he was appointed as a consultant in 2008.

Mr Coombes has a broad experience in major reconstructive facial surgery for trauma and cancer.

Mr Coombes has developed an international reputation in the field of facial, head and neck plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery worldwide. He performs and trains other surgeons on a wide range of specialties including rhinoplasty and head and neck skin cancer.

Mr Coombes is a member of various organisations including:

 British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

 Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England

 Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


To contact Mr Coombes:

01892 531 111


Dates for your diary

Maryna will be doing the following shows in London :

June 17 & 18: FACE Conference – O2 Arena, Greenwich London




One Warwick Park Hotel

1 Warwick Park

Royal Tunbridge Wells


For a free consultation please call Maryna Cole on +44(0)7946 081410

Appointments available:

Monday-Friday:  9am – 3pm


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