“Me and My Girl is one of the best musicals ever written”

TWODS return to tread the boards at the Assembly Hall this month with their production of Me and My Girl from November 15-19. Here the shows director David Fawcett tells SO magazine why this version, which has been modernised by actor Stephen Fry, is still such a relevant and joyful watch – despite the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes…


Me and My Girl is what could be termed a ‘traditional’ musical with a twist. It was originally written in the 1930s by L Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber – with music by Noel Gay – and then rewritten and modernised by Stephen Fry in 1984.

However I believe the show still keeps its 1930s feel despite having some 21st century humour laced through it. This particular version of the rags-to-riches tale has the glamour of Hollywood mixed with the comedy of US sitcom Friends.

When casting for Me and My Girl I am sure most directors have in their mind the performance of Robert Lindsay, who played the Bill Snibson in the successful West End run some years ago.

Well the good news is TWODS (Tunbridge Wells Operatic & Dramatic Society) is very lucky to have similar talent in the Society including Mike Knell who we cast as Snibson. His character’s girlfriend, Sally Smith, is being played by a brilliant singer and dancer, Brooke Wells – the pair have great chemistry between them. The other principal roles are being played by experienced members of TWODS giving me a strong cast to work with. We also have 88-year-old Colin Moore, a bastion of TWODS who is appearing in his swansong show, as Sir Jasper, an elderly, very deaf aristocrat. No typecasting there!



Its so fantastic to have the opportunity to recreate such a massive hit from the West End and Broadway”



The show follows the tale of Bill Snibson who discovers he is the true heir to the Earl of Hareford. His newly-acquired aristocratic relations try to educate him in the ways of the gentry and separate him from his beloved Lambeth girl Sally. The result is comical mayhem between a host of hilarious characters, with toe-tapping songs including ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’, ‘Doing the Lambeth Walk’, and of course ‘Me and My Girl’.

Rehearsals are going well but it’s fair to say they’re often frenetic! This is due to the time constraints of getting big production numbers up to scratch. Most of this I have left to my brilliant choreographer, Bertie Witt, though who is doing a wonderful job.

Covid is still proving to be a challenge with various members laid low with it when they really want to be rehearsing. The show is also quite prop heavy – but many of these – including a full-sized Rolls Royce – don’t arrive until a few days before the curtain goes up!

But it is so fantastic to have the opportunity to recreate such a massive hit from the West End and Broadway, which is a multiple Olivier and Tony award winner and one of the best feel-good musicals ever written. There are lots for the ensemble and dancers to get their teeth into – including the challenge of putting a full-scale musical on in effectively less than 50 hours! We hope you come along to see it – and enjoy Me and My Girl!



You can get in touch via an online form, and they will call or email you back with details of TWODS’ next New Members’ Welcome Workshop. You need to come along to a workshop if you want to join the society, and you need to join it before you can audition for the show. We’re an all-inclusive society, so we welcome people with many different creative and organisational talents – not just those on the stage!

TWODS’ performance of Me and My Girl takes place from November 15-19 at the Assembly Hall theatre. Tickets start from £25. There will be additional matinee performances at 2.30pm on 16 and 19 November. Bucket collections will take place after each performance to raise funds for The Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre in Tunbridge Wells.

To book visit www.twods.org/book-now or call 01892 530613.

About the Director:

David Fawcett spent four years in the Manchester and West End productions of Les Miserables and now produces and performs in the UK’s leading musical theatre concert, Beyond the Barricade. Locally he has recently directed Spamalot, Boeing Boeing and Leading Ladies for Trinity Theatre, and Carousel and Sister Act for TWODS.


TWODS member of ten years, Lynn White will be playing the part of The Duchess and is dedicating her performance to her late Aunt – Evelyn Eacott – who played the lead role of Sally in the professional touring production of Me and My Girl in 1948. Pictured is Evelyn on a publicity shoot with Lynn’s mother Joy Eacott (who was also in the show) sporting two-piece swimsuits which they made themselves from butchers’ apron fabric, as it was one of the few materials which wasn’t rationed at that time!

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