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Feeling in need of a radiance boost for her complexion, Grace Corcoran visits Mila Canning’s new clinic in Tunbridge Wells to enjoy a skin-reviving facial…

Owned and run by beauty therapist Mila Canning, who has recently moved her practice to Calverley Road, ‘Mila’s Magic’ offers a number of beauty treatments including a range of facials, light therapy, massages, waxing, eyelash lifts and more to make clients look and feel their best.

With the change of season often wreaking havoc on many people’s skin, treating oneself to some self-care is a necessary luxury at this time of year. The cold weather has certainly depleted my drier complexion, so I am excited to see what Mila can do for me…

The treatment

It’s a bitter afternoon when I arrive for my facial but luckily Mila’s treatment room is cosy and the bed is fitted with a heated blanket for the cold.

During an initial consultation, Mila immediately puts me at ease and talks through any concerns I have. She decides, that being only 25, the more advanced treatments would be unnecessary for me. She recommends the classic facial to help rejuvenate my dry skin, stimulating blood circulation and draining lymphatic fluid from my face, promising to give a more radiant and less puffy complexion.

Step 1: Mila invites me to relax on the bed, pulling my hair off my face and wrapping me up in the warm blanket. I’m definitely ready to be pampered after a long working week! She starts by cleansing my face and then uses an enzyme exfoliant, specifically for drier skin, which she recommends using at least once a week. Mila uses high-end brands – La Prairie and Guerlain’s salon line products on my skin, to add to the quality and luxuriousness of the experience.

Whilst we wait a few minutes for the exfoliant to get to work on the dead skin cells, we chat about how the very foundation of good skincare simply starts with a cleanser to remove dirt and oil build-up, moisturiser to hydrate the skin and sun protection to block out harmful UV rays. After removing the product from my face, Mila pats my skin dry ready for the next step.

Step 2: Mila covers my eyes with two cotton pads in preparation to unclog all of my pores with steam. Whilst calming spa music is played in the background, a facial steamer is fired up and blown over my face. The method is far superior to my makeshift version at home (a bowl of boiling water and a tea towel over my head) and once I get used to the sensation of the blasting steam, I find it quite relaxing. With my face now dripping with moisture and my pores feeling fresh, Mila wipes the droplets away.

Step 3: I’m feeling quite Zen when Mila begins the massage part of the facial, sending me into an even deeper state of calmness. She uses quick, circular movements around my cheeks and forehead, tapping motions along my jaw and massages my neck and decolletage too.

Mila, who has just returned from a week-long training course in London to further her already expansive skillset, is extremely knowledgeable, answering any questions I have during the massage. “Should I start using retinol?”, I ask (a popular vitamin A product that has gained much attention in the beauty industry). “Not yet”, she says while assessing my skin, explaining why it is better for me to start it later. She explains that retinol should only be used on more mature skin when a bigger boost is needed.

It’s clear she is passionate about skincare, and knowing what is best for the person she is treating. Mila is experienced in improving the appearance of a range of different women of all ages – just earlier that morning before treating me, she had been working with a lady in her 70s. She offers varying methods for those wanting to try out anti-ageing techniques including microdermabrasion, microcurrent therapy and ultrasound.

Step 4: To finish, Mila uses a hydrating moisturiser on my face and I can feel that my skin no longer feels tight when I smile and is smooth when I touch it. Mila then recommends I don’t wear any makeup for the rest of the day and to drink plenty of water. Before I leave, Mila reminds me of the holy trinity to keep my skin in tip-top condition: cleanser, moisturiser and sun protection. I exit the sanctuary of her spa-like room and the cold air outside smacks me back into reality.

The result

However, this time my skin feels dewy and protected from the elements. I take a peek in the shop windows and not only does my face look fuller and refreshed, I feel recharged and ready for the weekend. I meet a few friends for coffee the following day and feeling fearless with my replenished skin, I decide to go without makeup. Not only has Mila worked her magic on my skin, but the result has also given me more confidence – I will be taking all her tips on board!

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