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Matt Hillier set up The Humble Bear to support people in finding happiness, peace and joy and sustaining it for life. Here Matt tells SO Magazine about the catalyst that led him to turning his own life around and how he can help you too, courtesy of
his coaching, and inspiring retreats. The next is on October 7-8…


So Matt, please can you tell us in essence what The Humble Bear is all about?

The essence of Humble Bear is to empower and support people to find more happiness, peace and joy in their lives. My aim is to liberate people from the trappings of the mind and the ego, help them centre in the heart and free themselves from the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that prevent them from living the life they have always wanted.


When did you start it and why?

I started my business in 2021 because I saw a world that craved healing. My personal journey started in August 2018 when I narrowly survived a suicide attempt whilst trying to escape the abyss of addiction I was personally in and that was wreaking havoc in my life, and the lives of my loved ones. I spent some time in a rehab centre followed by committing to a 12-Step program for recovery and began working on the elements of my life that were causing my unhappiness and anxiety. For the next three years I studied myself, my patterns, esoteric teachings, philosophies and spiritual practices of all origins to deepen my understanding of life, energy, healing and all it entails. I studied life coaching, various types of Reiki and energy healing as well as being initiated into the art of holding space with Cacao (the powerful medicine that is chocolate in its purest form). Since 2021 I have been hosting regular events and retreats all over the country as well as coaching and healing people all over the world.


Are most of your clients local to the Tunbridge Wells area?

My 1:1 clients are international and as far as Hawaii and mainly facilitated online. I host regular in person events in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area and have my next ‘Chocolate Meditation’ in Crowborough on October 13th at Tranquillity Yoga. My retreats are hosted about an hour from Tunbridge Wells at the beautiful location that is The Birch in Hertfordshire. This hotel boasts understated luxury in the Hertfordshire countryside whilst having easy access from London and the M25.


What types of services and gatherings do you offer and which are the most popular?

My main 1:1 services are Life/Spiritual Coaching and Quantum Energy Healing. These can be conducted both in person or online. I also guide people through Cold Water Therapy and Wim Hoff Breathwork for their physical and mental health and to show them how they can overcome adversity in life. My events consist of Human Optimisation weekend retreats, day retreats, and Chocolate Meditation events with the weekend retreats and chocolate meditations being the most popular. The Human Optimisation Retreat is really the crown jewel in the arena. It offers clients a get away from life and space to work deeply with their mind, body and spirit. It allows them to reconnect with the deeper part of their being, shedding fears, traumas, limitations they have put on themselves and giving real and valuable tools to use in everyday life. One previous participant told me: “I felt more rested than after a two-week holiday” and that “the retreat repaid itself almost instantly in the peace that I got.”


In your opinion what makes The Humble Bear’s offering so unique?

My offering is unique because it comes from true and honest experience. From someone who has been to the depths of despair to living a happy, abundant and peaceful life. I want nothing more than to show others how this is possible and guide them on their path to liberation.


What do your clients get from being part of your community?

Clients get to really experience their true being. They get to experience things that they would not normally encounter in everyday life and they get time for themselves in a crazy and busy word. They get wisdom and knowledge for both new and ancient traditions as well as meeting the plethora of like-minded people who are also treading this path and looking for more.


Why do you believe mental health is so important for us to focus on?

Having been to where I have been, rubbed shoulders with death and worked hard to climb back to a space of great mental health, I truly understand that mental health is everything to a happy and abundant life. Without it, even the greatest riches in the world would seem dull and depressing. In a world full of fear and trauma, there is an incredible need for mental and spiritual healing to allow the world to become a brighter, more vibrant and heart centred place.


Can you tell us what plans you have for the rest of 2023?

2023 has been a powerful year so far for me. The rest of the year promises at least one retreat on the weekend of October 7-8. It is a Human Optimisation retreat which aims to help people work through their fears. It will work on the mind, body and spirit and involve a number of different sessions including cold water therapy to help people push through fears, yoga, hypnosis with a live DJ courtesy of silent disco, sound healing and a cacao ceremony. The event will take place at Birch Community in Hertfordshire. I will also be hosting regular Chocolate Meditations at Tranquillity Yoga. There will also be a regular monthly men’s group, giving space for the men of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area the space to share, support and connect with each other…



Join us at The Human Optimisation Retreat and experience a transformation like never before.
Your path to the next level of
holistic wellness starts here!

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