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This month optician Jamie Edney – who runs Edney & Edney with his optometrist wife Ayshah on Monson Road – talks about the benefits of building a bespoke eyewear wardrobe for clients…

For most people a trip to the opticians means buying a pair of spectacles, if needed, that are then worn for the next two, three, four or even more years until a new prescription is required and a new pair chosen.

This same pair is worn for every occasion, smart, casual, work, social, active, or relaxing. Given the difficulty of finding one pair to fit all occasions, it is thankfully becoming more and more common place to own multiple pairs of ‘up to date’ glasses.

This is where we work closely with our clients to build their ‘Eyewear Wardrobe’.  Other than the obvious cost of owning more than one set of glasses, there really isn’t another reason why you shouldn’t!

Thinking of your spectacle collection as a wardrobe, helps to cater for multiple different looks and trends.  For me, when curating a wardrobe, I encourage clients to consider how the frames sit together as a collection.  This way we ensure that not all pairs are subtle variations of each other.

“Careful curation of your glasses collection should, over time, give you stunning options for each and every outfit”


A client might want/need a stylish ‘professional’ pair for their work, but when it comes to ‘down time’ would prefer a more expressive, creative pair.  So, my advice is to start with an easy to wear stylish frame for pair one, from the likes of MYKITA, Orgreen or Garret Leight.

Then allow pair two to be right on the edge of your comfort zone in terms of creativity and stylistic expression.  This can be achieved by the form of the frame, for instance heavy block acetate specialised by Jacques Marie Mage or CUTLER AND GROSS; or by colour using the bright explosions the likes of KIRK & KIRK and theo have built their reputations on.

Often by moving to the very edge of your comfort zone you end up with the best pair of glasses that you have had, leading to more positive comments and a new confidence in wearing glasses.  Those clients that take this journey then look to add more pairs at this end of the scale and interestingly return with a much larger comfort zone as they look to be challenged again.

This concept also applies to sunglasses, as a pair you wear to the beach may differ hugely, to a pair that you might wear to a wedding or special occasion.  Careful curation of your glasses collection should, over time, give you stunning options for each and every outfit.

Your optician should always have something new and exciting to tempt you with when you visit.



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