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Eileen Leahy experiences a revolutionary aesthetic treatment at 3D Body Contouring in Pembury and is incredibly pleased with the results…


“Don’t worry, I’ve seen thousands of tummies over the years, nothing really phases me,” smiles local aesthetician Celeste Savage as I gingerly lift up my t-shirt so she can have a look at mine before she commences my cryolipolysis – or fat freezing – session.

On arrival at Celeste’s 3D Body Contouring treatment space, which is located at her home in a quite scenic spot near Pembury, I’ll admit I was feeling a little nervous. But thankfully Celeste, who is a highly experienced and qualified therapist, knows exactly how to put me at ease; chatting away and happily answering questions which results in me feeling far more relaxed.

Celeste qualified as a therapist 11 years ago. Previously she worked in the music industry and was musician Paul Weller’s PA for many years.

In her new career as an aesthetician she started out co-running a clinic in Westerham. After a couple of years she ended up buying out her business partner and decided to move the operation into her home.

That was approximately nine years ago and since then Celeste says that her 3D Body Contouring business has gone from strength to strength.

As well as fat freezing, Celeste also offers ultrasonic cavitation (inch loss), radiofrequency face and body tightening, cellulite treatments, and also, new for 2023, the latest state-of the-art laser hair removal and ‘6-Pack Fat Freeze’, exclusive to 3D Body Contouring.

But she says it’s the fat freezing that is proving to be the most popular and she does this using a special 3D Lipo MED UltimatePro machine imported from the United States, which she also uses for the cavitation inch loss treatments.

“You have to be highly-trained to use these machines,” Celeste explains. And she certainly can testify to being just that, given the amount of framed qualification certificates that adorn the walls of her bijou treatment space.

“The 3D Lipo MED UltimatePro machine is dual-platformed so it carries out fat freezing and also cavitation. They both do a similar thing but cavitation is quicker as you are eliminating fat cells there and then, courtesy of a hi-tech hand piece that emits ultrasound energy. Fat freezing takes longer as you can only do it once every 12 weeks but the results are just as impressive.”


So how does Celeste decide which treatment is best for her clients?

“I try to gauge where people are coming from so I can advise them on which one to have. If they come to me before Christmas let’s say and tell me they have a wedding in May then I’ll suggest cavitation as it’s a quicker journey. I will recommend one session a week for eight weeks, followed by a free fat freeze on week nine. If they are happy with a slightly slower result, then fat freezing is best.”

Celeste states the majority of her business comes from Facebook, where her multitude of impressive ‘before and after’ pictures prove just how effective her work is.

“I am very results-driven so I will take loads of these pictures to show clients how the treatment has worked. I really put effort into it to ensure the best outcome. I think I’ve got around 85 gold star reviews on Google – and they’re all genuine!”

Word-of-mouth and repeat business also drive her appointments diary she tells me.

“At the moment everyone is going for the freezing as we’ve all got busy lives, so one session every 12 weeks is doable. It’s a very safe procedure and there’s no downtime. Some people might only need one. Everyone is different though so you can’t guarantee exactly, but I would say that usually people will lose between 20-40% of their fat cells after one session.

“It is a powerful alternative treatment to traditional liposuction and was designed to help target certain problem areas of stubborn fat like the tummy, back fat or love handles without the need for surgery or any invasive procedures.”

Celeste reveals she is the only cryolipolisis therapist who offers the ‘6 Pack Fat Freeze’ which is exclusive to 3D Body Contouring. Three areas are treated in one session. However one or two areas are also an option if the 6 Pack Fat Freeze is not needed.

“I have clients visiting from all over the place,” she explains. “People come up from Brighton, Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. I’m always very busy because these treatments boast really impressive results. But I always say to my clients that it’s not one-size-fits-all.”

Now I’ve had the science bit explained to me it’s time to experience the fat freezing. As I lie back on the bed in Celeste’s cosy treatment room which has a gorgeous Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle burning away and soothing music playing, she explains that she will be working on both my upper and lower abdomen.

The first part of the procedure begins with the application of an anti-freeze membrane being placed on my stomach. This, Celeste explains, is to fully protect the skin and prevent any burns. She warns me that it will feel cold on application – which it does – but thankfully it quickly adapts to my skin’s temperature.

Celeste then applies what she describes as ‘heads’ on to my stomach. These big sucker like pieces of equipment each boast two metal plates inside which gradually freeze my tummy and gently start to vacuum the fat. The area is frozen to around minus seven but Celeste says the fat cells start to crystalise and freeze around minus one. The heads sit on the area for up to 45 minutes and the aim is to freeze as many fat cells as possible.

At first the strange sucking sensation feels a little uncomfortable but it does calm down quickly and actually ends up being rather hypnotic thanks to the whirring of the 3D Lipo MED gadgetry and the heads’ slow vibratory motion.

Celeste wraps lots of cosy blankets and what feels like wheat bags around the equipment so there’s an additional barrier between my skin and the vacuum heads.

Once she is happy she leaves me to lie back and relax and before I know it I am drifting off which I didn’t expect at all when I first saw the machinery involved!

After the 45 minutes is up Celeste returns to the room, removes the heads and then stipples my stomach with a small shock wave tool. “It sounds like someone is digging up the road doesn’t it?” she laughs before telling me that this helps to trigger all the blood cells and nutrients back to life after the freezing process. It also further supports the breakdown of fat cells before your body’s lymphatic system naturally takes over.

“You should start to see a visible difference around 10 to 14 days later,” states Celeste. “But bear in mind it can take up to 12 weeks to see a difference for some clients. Many have told me they’ve dropped a dress size as a result of this treatment.

“It will feel tender around your tummy area but don’t worry as that’s totally normal,” she advises. “Try not to come into any contact with hot water until the following day, so no baths or showers and loose clothing is the best attire to wear until tomorrow too. I say to my gym bunny clients to avoid doing any intensive core exercises for a day or two.”

And with that I’m done. I’ll admit it my tummy feels a little taut but in a good way and writing up this treatment review two weeks after I’ve had the fat freezing I can definitely say that I can already feel and see a difference. I think I’m tempted to return for a second session so will keep you posted!


Fat freezing sessions cost £150 for one area, £225 for two and £299 for the Six Pack which is three areas. Celeste offers payment plans too. For more information visit or call 01892 570212 or 07792750202.

You can also email Celeste at

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