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The start of a new year is often when many of us think about giving our lifestyle, diet and beauty routine a bit of an overhaul. Many of us will cut out fatty foods, start a new exercise routine or invest in some pricey beauty products to make those changes, but we need to remind ourselves that in fact all three areas need addressing together if we are to see – and sustain – any lasting changes.

Business and life partners Anastasiya Youkova and Praveen Telang could not agree with this approach more.

They believe good diet, combatting stress, hydration and regular exercise all go hand in hand in order to achieve a happier and healthier you, which is why they are so keen to help people do just that.

Their business, Ellora Skincare, is a smart bijou clinic and retail space located on the London Road in Southborough and the couple are on a mission to educate people about the comprehensive approach we need to take to general wellbeing.

“Good skincare is interlinked with what you put it into your body, how you are feeling emotionally as well as how you look after your complexion,” explains Anastasiya, who is from Bulgaria and gave up working in the world of finance to pursue her passion for beauty and wellbeing.

Established in 2018, the Ellora Skincare Clinic boasts a range of both non-invasive and results driven treatments – some of them exclusive to the UK such as the French brand GENXSKIN – targeting common complexion issues. All facials are carried out by Anastasiya, who is a qualified therapist and skincare specialist.

Ellora also boasts its own eponymous selection of skincare products. They are sold in the clinic, on the brand’s website and via Amazon and are divided into Ellora Naturals and Ellora Actives ranges.

“Our products boast proven biotech ingredients, vitamins and natural elements to promote
healthy skin”

There are tonic waters to invigorate and tone the skin, CC creams for natural coverage and hydration as well as cleansers and moisturisers – all of which use as many natural ingredients as possible.

“Each one works on the olfactory system, has proven biotech ingredients and vitamins and is made in the EU,” adds Anastasiya as she talks me through the collection.

Praveen then reveals that Ellora Skincare is developing a new acne line which is still in the design stage but will be made up of some very innovative products. “Again these will boast a number of properties like tea tree oil and sulphur to combat problems more naturally. We are currently testing extensively and hope to launch in March.”

Although the clinic may be small it certainly punches above its weight when it comes to attracting a loyal client base, who are predominantly from Tunbridge Wells but also make the journey there from Tonbridge, Crowborough and Orpington.

Business has mainly grown through word of mouth, but now Anastasiya and Praveen are looking to get the message out to more people through a well thought through marketing campaign which started last month.

This also reflects their belief about good skincare being so much more than just what you put on it topically. Their ads promote the skin as being the body’s largest organ and therefore a vital ‘interface between the outer world and not just our inner bodies but also our souls’.

It’s all about taking a more holistic approach the couple tell me – and not just a quick fix. So how did Anastasiya, who gave up her high-flying job in finance, and her husband Praveen, whose background is strategic investment and digital marketing, get involved in the world of skincare?

“I suffered from really bad acne when I was a teenager,” explains Anastasiya who is mother to their two small boys. “I was severely affected by lack of self-confidence and this is what made me want to do something with skincare.

“That made me start looking into how the skin is affected by stress and diet and I found myself wanting to find out more about a more comprehensive approach to skin wellness.”

Alongside doing an MSc degree in finance, Anastasiya also has diplomas in expert skincare studies courtesy of her CIDESCO and CIBTAC qualifications.

“There was a moment where I had to take a decision – to either continue down the banking route or prioritise my family and pursue my passion with skincare. I chose the latter as it gives me the space to be more creative but also because of how badly my skin affected my teen years.”

You can go along to Ellora Skincare Clinic and have a variety of treatments but each one will be tailored to your specific skin type and needs, says Anastasiya.

In other words she is keen to stress that what she is offering is a truly bespoke service for each client. So for an older person she may suggest enjoying a Supreme firming treatment for mature skin, or a melanin peel if you need help correcting pigmentation issues, or a rebalancing facial if you have oily or combination complexion.

The Ellora ethos is to look at the bigger picture, targeting not just ageing or acne issues on a cosmetic level but having a look at other factors in life that might be triggering or accelerating certain conditions.

That’s why they will be hosting two new Ellora wellness bootcamps focusing on yoga and nutrition to further complement what they already offer at the clinic.

As long as current Covid restrictions don’t change the next one will take place on January 28 at the Southborough Centre.

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