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This month our resident make-up expert Natalie Piacun from TAW salon on The Pantiles takes a retrospective look at the history of make-up and the how it has ingrained through society over the years to current day…


A brief history of make-up:

Throughout history, man has painted his face and by the fourth century BC the use of make-up was well established. Early glimpses of cosmetics from across the globe served different purposes. Primitive Tribal make-up suggests that the first ‘make-up’ may have been protective and a mark of status, with early tattooing associated with puberty rights and a magical significance.

In Ancient Egypt, make-up served as a marker of wealth believed to appeal to the Gods and the period’s iconic eyeliner was a characteristic of Egyptian Art that appeared on both men and women.

By the early Renaissance a pale complexion ‘bright as moonlight’ was fashionable and symbolised a gentrified or aristocratic person versus more tanned skin which was often associated with the poor labouring in fields daily. Products used to whiten the face often included ingredients such as lead and copper for more than 2000 years destroying women’s complexions, even resulting in premature death – a compound of arsenic often an ingredient!

For the Egyptian’s Kohl and sometimes soot was used in eye make-up. Cleopatra using lipstick made from ground carmine beetles, while other women mixed clay with water for lip colour. Men and women of all classes would decorate their eyes with coloured kohl, usually in dark green, blue or black – to ward off the evil eye.

The Japanese Geishas used lipstick made from crushed safflower petals to paint their eyebrows and lips, with rice powder to colour the face. And before the invention of mascara, boot polish was often used to darken eyelashes. Early twenties brought the dramatic make-up looks for silent film and 1935 saw the invention of pancake make-up, giving rise to the creation of the iconic Hollywood Glamour for the film industry. Make-up has been a significant part of society for centuries across all continents, serving different purposes, creating trends and making history.


Make-up as we know it today:

Make-up has evolved considerably over the ages – thankfully. With the advancement of science, new approaches to make-up are largely safe and effective, more nourishing to the skin with an array of colour pigments and palettes to choose from.

What with better ingredients, applicators, application techniques and product formulation – we are spoilt for choice in today’s market in all areas of the beauty industry. Often finding there is too much choice and quite frankly it can be overwhelming. From learning what skin type you are, to knowing your perfect shade, and how on earth do you know which lipstick or even hair colour works best for your skin type? Then comes the multiple brands to choose from, product trends, seasonal colour palettes, new releases – the mind boggles.


My solution to you: A Complimentary Membership

Each month during 2023 I am going to take you on a journey, a detailed step-by-step guided lesson in all things make-up. Teaching you the process I use for professional make-up application, my go to favourites, latest releases I consider worth a mention, complimentary access to my eagerly awaited beauty website where questions and answers can be shared and discussed within an open forum. Supported by online masterclasses from industry insiders plus seasonal competitions and give aways. Let the big beauty conversation begin…


New Year Skin Heroes

If your complexion is looking lacklustre at this time of year then let these two wonder products soothe, refresh and revitalise says Eileen Leahy


So spa, so good

Olverum is a cult, spa-standard luxury well-being brand that is the beauty world’s insider secret.

Its gorgeous aromatic body and bath oils are already on every beauty editor’s bathroom shelf but now there are some other treats to pamper yourself with.

One of our favourites is the Olverum Body Cleanser (£25 250ml) as it is soap and sulphate free and can therefore be used on all skin types. Like all the Olverum products it is made with an aromatic blend of essential oils which beautifully scent the skin and ease stress. What’s not to love?


Good enough to eat

Former Masterchef finalist Angela Langford launched her own skincare range a few years ago when she couldn’t find anything suitable for her own sensitive skin.

The organic, vegan, cruelty free, mood-boosting skincare products are made by hand in Angela’s home county of Pembrokeshire and harness the finest ingredients from nature’s bountiful larder to feed your skin – with no chemical nasties.

Her gorgeous Bloom and Glow facial oil (£20.50) is an award-winning product which nourishes the skin and leaves it looking luminescent courtesy of its chia seed and buckthorn ingredients. These potent natural elements help deliver high levels of acids, vitamins and antioxidants to calm any redness, plump and radiate. And ultimately leave you looking beautiful!

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