Look beyond the exterior to find the true beauty of a property

By Stephen Donnelly of Sited

Not every property is immediately desirable to the mainstream market, and in many cases the ‘ugly duckling’ is just waiting for the right buyer to transform it into a swan. Using traditional methods of sale is not always the right approach for some properties and may not be the ideal way to optimise the value and secure the most appropriate buyer.

For some, the thought of showing people a property which may lack obvious appeal can be daunting, especially when receiving negative feedback, which is just insulting.

At Sited, we work with homeowners, solicitors and receivers to present properties to their best potential and have clients who can look beyond what others might see as a reason not to buy.

We relish the opportunity to sell properties in need of redecoration, refurbishment, renovation or reconstruction. Structural problems are not an issue if the property is priced correctly.

We work with homeowners and commercial property owners to find a solution to selling their buildings by enabling the buyer to see through the obvious blemishes and uncover the opportunities within. Never underestimate the value of a property with potential!

Sited can provide an alternative service to the usual methods of sale.

Contact us for further information or an informal discussion on 01892 579937 or steve@sited.land

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