Yoyo trek to help Mind and support wellbeing

The team of ten undertook the challenge of Yoyo: Around the Weald, a 27.5-mile route which took ten hours and 50 minutes to complete, raising £1,550 in the process.

The route passed through the town of Southborough and the villages of Pembury, Frant and Groombridge.

It included such notable places such as Tudeley Church; the site of Keyes Mill painted by JMW Turner; Harrison’s Rocks; The Spa Valley Railway heritage line and Groombridge Place.

Harriet Kinsey, Yoyo’s Marketing Manager, said: “We’re all acutely aware of the horrible statistic which highlights that one in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem.

“Many of us have experienced this ourselves directly or supported close family and friends who have struggled with this illness, so it’s incredibly important to help this charity.

“We want to do our bit to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem on their own.”

She added: “As well as the charitable side to this, Yoyo’s MD, Jenny Kitchen, has over the past eight years continually strived to ensure that staff wellbeing is at the heart of the workplace.

“This has seen the implementation of weekly massages, yoga, reflexology and providing fitbits for the team and implementing lunchtime walks.

“It’s clear to see a huge amount of time has been dedicated to supporting a healthy, happy team.”

Jenny told the Times: “The Weald walk was a brilliant experience that brought the whole team even closer together.

“Inspired by the team themselves, it was the perfect challenge to help raise money for an awesome charity.

“This beautiful yet challenging walk encouraged us all to take a moment, a breather from the daily stresses of work and life, get some perspective and reflect on the huge importance of keeping active, happy and healthy.”

For more about Yoyo, visit yoyodesign.com

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