Wish comes true as Tunbridge Wells boy turns into superhero

Pam Mills
CHANCE TO SHINE: George Tappenden meets the Green Lantern at Bunker 51

George Tappenden has spinal muscular atrophy type 2, a condition where the muscles progressively waste away, and has been using a wheelchair since he was one.

He is a big fan of superheroes and was granted his One True Wish – to meet and then become his favourite caped crusader, Green Lantern, with sister Evie as his sidekick.

Make-A-Wish picked George and his family up in a limousine and drove them to London to attend a top-secret ‘superhero training base’ called Bunker 51.

George helped Green Lantern to rescue his superhero friends Spiderman, Batman and Batgirl, who had been captured by two villains, Joker and Bane.

The mission was a success, and George was initiated as a Green Lantern himself and received a certificate of membership.

George said: “It feels amazing to be a Green Lantern.”

As a final farewell, the superhero gave George his special power ring, which gives the wearers incredible powers fuelled by willpower.

His mother, Lucy Frost, said: “George’s condition most definitely doesn’t affect the mind. He’s an extremely bright and very, very happy, confident little boy.

“George was once able to crawl and he can’t crawl anymore. The only time he stood, I caught it on camera. I’ll treasure that photo forever.”

She added: “Every memory is so important for us because you don’t know what’s around the corner. You have to make every day as magical as possible and you have to lock those memories inside your head. It’s been absolutely amazing.”

Make-A-Wish UK grants life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. Dan O’Reilly, George’s Wishgranter, said: “We were lucky to have so many superheroes join George on his wish to help make this a day to remember.

“The families that we work with have to deal with so much, and we really believe that a wish can give a family quality time together, away from the daily realities of living with a life-threatening condition, giving children hope for the future and resilience to fight – whatever the future may hold.”

To make a donation to help a child fulfil their One True Wish, call 01276 405070 or visit make-a-wish.org.uk

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