Why babies are wearing hats at Tunbridge Wells Hospital

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Babies are wearing coloured bobble hats in Tunbridge Wells Hospital to help nurses identify if they need extra care.

Former paediatric nurse Pippa Middleton has knitted a selection of fetching and useful hats to aid Maternity Unit staff.

The red, yellow and green headgear indicate if the baby is at high, intermediate or low risk respectively of having to be transferred to the Neonatal Unit for advanced care.

Hats are given to new-borns in the Transitional Care section, where they are under close monitoring, but can still stay with their mothers.

Justine Hales, of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, said: ‘This project has been very well received by staff and parents alike.

‘It is helping staff to identify babies who require additional care or observation, and helps parents to feel reassured that staff are fully aware at all times of their baby’s needs.

‘We are so grateful to Pippa for her tireless support and amazing knitting skills – we couldn’t have introduced this initiative without her.’

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