What does new political party mean for theatre plans?

Pam Mills

Tunbridge Wells is a cultural hub and looks set to become more so in the coming years with the exciting new civic complex plans, which include a state-of-the-art theatre.

However, one group in the town are against the ideas – and have registered as a political party in a bid to field candidates in the May council elections.

The TW Alliance’s tagline is ‘for a better borough’, and their ethos is:

“We look to inform the public on issues that they might not be aware of, and in doing so, we aim to increase public awareness and encourage action.

We’re not anti-progress, we just want the council to be accountable, transparent, competent and honest.”

The group has been campaigning against the £90million civic complex, calling the project “demonstrably ill-conceived.”

The party have yet to announce the details of their election campaign, but the move is set to shake up this year’s local elections, which take place on May 3.

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