We wish hotel works turned out to be a one-way street!

Gary Jefferies

Nearly two years after a long stretch of Warwick Park Road was effectively turned into a one way-street by the transformation of the old Brew House traffic is once again flowing both ways.

But what for many residents started off as a slight annoyance while the One Warwick Park hotel was constructed on the site, actually became a blessing in disguise.

With traffic forced in just one direction on the stretch of street running from Rodmell Road to the A267, residents grew used to the quiet, low congestion and safer atmosphere this brought about.

Now the Warwick Park Area residents’ association is looking into the practicality of reinstating the one way system on permanently.

Chairman Tony Pawson said: “Some residents have expressed a desire to keep the current one-way system and this was discussed at a committee meeting where there were differing views.

“I have had an initial discussion with Kent County Council (KCC) about the procedure for making a change, and it is clear that the process would be a long one and require substantial evidence of need and local support if KCC are to be persuaded to make the change”.

Mr Pawson added different parts of the association’s area, which covers some of the streets connected to Warwick Park Road, are affected in different ways, meaning consultation was needed.


He said: “First, we have asked residents to let committee members know their views on this issue.

“Then, if there is sufficient support, we will discuss making a case for the change to a one-way system at the next AGM, which is in March 2016.”

Speaking about any potential change to make the road permanently one way, resident Kelly Parker, 34, said: “I think at first some people were annoyed with the road works and it seemed like it might be hassle with the one way street.

“But because of the road works this part of the road is much quieter and less congested as people do not use it as a cut through.”

A KCC spokesman said the association had sought advice on the process, but no concrete measures were underway and warned there was a strong likelihood the application would fail.

He said: “We have to make tough decisions on where to improve traffic and road safety in local areas. This means we have to say ‘no’ more than we’d like, especially if the request won’t reduce casualties.

“We look at the sites most in need of improvement first, which have got the support of the whole community but we are happy to consider all requests.”

The finishing touches to the ongoing building work at the One Warwick Park hotel were completed last week with special guests invited to commemorate the topping out.

Work began on what was formerly the old Brew House over two years ago to turn it into a new luxury hotel and it is expected to throw open its doors to guests next year.

In attendance were members of the King Charles School old boys’ association who had once spent their days in classrooms just off Chapel Place.

Others attending included council leader David Jukes and members of the Markerstudy Group, which will be operating the new hotel.

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