Voting open for Kent Youth County Council

PUPIL POWER Previous KYCC representatives

VOTING is underway for the Kent Youth County Council (KYCC), in which not only do the candidates have to be 11-18 years old, but the voters do, too.

Anyone in this age group living, working or going to school in Kent is eligible to vote for their pick of local candidates and also the three campaigns which KYCC councillors will be working on during the year.

Elected members meet monthly at County Hall, Maidstone, working on the chosen campaigns and other projects.

There are also regular opportunities for representatives to contribute young people’s perspectives on services provided by Kent County Council.

Tunbridge Wells is fielding seven candidates for four places. There are also 12 ‘community’ seats to ensure all communities and demographics are covered.

Voting will close on November 27, and results will be published December 8.

Read more about the candidates and vote at:



  • Climate change and environmental action
  • Disability awareness and better support for disabled young people
  • Equality for all young people
  • Feeling safe in Kent
  • Free school meals and tackling poverty
  • Life skills and more opportunities for young people
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • More leisure activities for young people
  • Public transport



Daisy: I want to implement concrete solutions tackling environmental sustainability, ethnic, cultural and religious inclusivity and the cost-of-living crisis.

Danny: I am good at listening. I’m a strong, fearless speaker who isn’t afraid of the truth and will go out of my way to keep balance. I am a fan of political subjects, keep updated on daily matters and have learnt from years of watching commotion in the commons. I am unique and bring new ideas to politics as a whole.

Josh: Local democracy is the most important form of democracy. Local representatives working for local people is the way I think things should run.

Noah: I am committed to ensuring socio-economic prosperity and social equity for my local constituents.

Oscar: Real change means mobilising the people. We, the youth, are key to this. I support equality, mental health awareness, and our environment.

Rubani: I think I am a responsible representative, who will try to do the best for our town and make it a better place for future generations.

William: Tunbridge Wells is one of the most magnificent towns in the country, and I want to ensure that this will stay the case in the long-term.

This year’s KYCC representatives for Tunbridge Wells were Alex, Lily and Sam.

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