TWPT joins effort to save Jazz on the Pantiles

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Tunbridge Wells residents were worried on hearing reports that the iconic jazz nights on The Pantiles may be cancelled, subsequently putting a dampener on their summer. In an attempt to rescue the event, Twitter was filled with supporters retweeting posts displaying ‘we must save Jazz on The Pantiles.’

Thankfully, a group of local businesses stepped in to save the day, one of which is Tunbridge Wells Personal Training (TWPT).  TWPT is a personal training gym right in the centre of Tunbridge Wells run by celebrity personal trainer Ed Lumsden.

Ed enthuses “as a Pantiles resident myself for over 10 years, I am happy to be supporting such a great event. Tunbridge Wells would not be the same without Jazz nights in the summer.” He continues, “events like this make Tunbridge Wells such a great place to live and we are happy to do our bit to keep nights like this going for the town’s residents.”

The personal training gym has sponsored the event alongside Dandara, Thompson Snell & Passmore and One Warwick Park, the latter being the new hotel, which is set to open this summer in the town.

Ed says: “It’s amazing that One Warwick Park have stepped in and lent their support. It just shows how much can be done when local businesses work together with the community”

Julian Leefe-Griffiths, organiser of Jazz on The Pantiles comments on this fantastic news: “I am thrilled with TWPT’s support, they are a great local business that has gone from strength to strength over the years. It’s great to see them giving back to the community with their sponsorship.”

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