Tunbridge Wells twin town organises Queen Victoria wine trip and tasting

Co-founder of Pickering - Polly Taylor

As reported in the Times (April 20), the two towns were celebrating 33 years of being twinned last week.

About 30 participants walked from the German town in the state of Hesse, where the origin of the term ‘hock’ that is often used to refer to German white wines originated – to the Königin Victoriaberg (Queen Victoria) vineyard.

“The partnership association planned the trip because of the multifarious relations between Tunbridge Wells and Great Britain, and Wiesbaden and the state of Hesse, and also the close relationship with British royalty,” the Wiesbaden-based partnership organisation told the Times.

Wiesbaden is the capital of the German federal state of Hesse.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had visited the region in 1845, while touring the River Rhine, and the vintner proudly unveiled his monument to their visit nine years later, in 1854.

Almost a decade later, Victoria and Albert’s second daughter Princess Alice married the Grand Duke of the region.

The seven-metre structure of the memorial still stands between the vines on the estate and was extensively renovated for Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday in 2020.

The Wiesbaden organisation said: “When the group reached the monument, the wine grower Reiner Flick gave a detailed review about this historic site.

“And the partnership association prepared another surprise – the guests were all allowed to taste the excellent Queen Victoria wine.”

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