Tunbridge Wells is named among the top ‘chilled out’ destinations for travellers

Nusrat Ghani
PEACEFUL: Green spaces such as Dunorlan Park make for a stress-free staycation

Researchers identified the most stress-free locations across the UK for taking a break by analysing a number of factors including tourist figures, amount of green space, average rainfall, average temperatures and even recent Covid cases.

The research by online camper van magazine PaulCamper was carried out to help people find the most tranquil locations they can explore and unwind in now that virus restrictions are lifted.

The company scoured data from a range of sources, inlcuding British tourist statistics and ONS (Office for National Statistics) figures.

The analysis found Cirencester in Gloucestershire is the most chilled UK staycation spot, followed by Bourton-on-the-Water, also in Gloucestershire, which came second.

Tunbridge Wells was third, while also making the top 25 locations list was Rye in East Sussex (fourth), Maidstone (ninth) and Canterbury (11th).

Tunbridge Wells was found to have the best mean temperature. It also ranked well for additional factors, including tourism numbers and traffic levels.

The experts at PaulCamper described the town as being ‘peaceful’ with ‘beautiful parks and gardens’.

They added: “Surrounded by nature reserves and woodlands, ‘Royal’ Tunbridge Wells is an ideal location for those looking to unwind after a year of stress.

“This peaceful town offers beautiful parks and gardens such as Dunorlan Park and Scotney Castle Gardens, as well as vineyards close by for wine tasting and even ancient ruins to explore.

“It isn’t a fast-paced place, but after a year of upheaval, it is the perfect place to recharge and reconnect with nature.

“Those looking for a chilled break away should opt for locations that appear in the top 25 chilled locations and have lower holiday search volume. For example, Royal Tunbridge Wells only has 480 monthly searches across the holiday terms and Bourton-on-the-Water has 3.6K.”

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