Tunbridge Wells election 2018: Parties appeal for your vote

Pam Mills

Tunbridge Wells prepares for the polls tomorrow [Thursday, May 3] we offered parties one last chance to say why they should have your vote.

All seven parties contesting the 16 seats on offer across the borough were asked by theknow for their thoughts in 100 words or less.

David Jukes, Conservative Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

The key to the continual improvement to the borough of Tunbridge wells is economic development and only the Conservatives can provide that.

We have already started our Five Year plan providing facilities to encourage businesses to come to Tunbridge Wells to not only provide housing but also employment.

We now have British Land taking over the Royal Victoria Place, Berkeley Homes building more than 1,000 homes, Altitude on the old cinema site and Dandara on the old Union House site.

It is Conservative policies that have encouraged these companies to come to Tunbridge Wells and stay.

Gillian Douglass, Chairperson Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrats

You may ask yourself ‘Why bother voting in Thursday’s local election?’ The Liberal Democrats are not promising to solve all of the problems locally, but we aren’t afraid of getting stuck in and making change happen.

We put pressure on the council to demolish the old cinema site, introduce glass recycling and a 20mph zone in St John’s. We fought for a referendum on the £90million civic development and are against a £30 brown bin charge.

The Liberal Democrats can win in Tunbridge Wells. Every Liberal Democrat councillor elected will make a difference. We work all year for local residents.

Martin Betts, Tunbridge Wells Labour Campaign Co-originator

Labour is the only genuine alternative to the Conservatives at this election. We came second in the General Election – the Lib Dems trailed a poor third. This election is the opportunity to send a strong message to the council. Say ‘No’ to the proposed new civic complex and theatre. Say ‘Yes’ to change. Concentrate on what people in the borough really care about: providing genuinely affordable homes; investing in our villages and towns; improving roads, public transport and parking; supporting families and reducing poverty; protecting green spaces and improving the environment. Agree with us? Vote Labour on 3 May.

Bob Atwood, Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Alliance

Voters everywhere have become tired and disillusioned with party politics and politicians who simply don’t listen to them. In Tunbridge Wells, many residents have become increasingly unhappy with councillors who seem arrogant, distant and deaf to their concerns. As a result, the Tunbridge Wells Alliance party was born, consisting of like-minded individuals who have rejected political connections in order simply to focus on the needs of residents. We are opposed to the council’s irresponsible and unaffordable theatre project, and our aim is to put an end to this and other ill thought out developments, concentrating instead on essential core services.

Liz Orr, Women’s Equality Party [WE] candidate for Culverden

The Women’s Equality Party cares about the fabric of this town and its people. We must rethink the Civic Centre project when so many have unmet care needs, services are being cut and council tax is rising. WE want carers raised to the top of the agenda and believe it’s time for social care to be properly funded by Westminster. WE will push for fully funded nurseries and before and after school clubs, so parents have real choice about work and family life and we can close the gender pay gap. Vote WE for fairer services for everyone.

Trevor Bisdee, Green Party candidate for Paddock Wood West

The Green Party is the only party that stands up for the environment. Green councillors are renowned for standing up for local issues, speaking truth to power. TWBC is controlled by one party, we need a more balanced council. By electing a Green councillor to Paddock Wood you know you will have someone who will represent your views and stand against a council that wants to spend your money on a vanity project that has little benefit to our community.

UKIP are also standing candidates in the election, although no response had been received from them at the time of going to press.

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