Tunbridge Wells-based firm Gerrard White celebrates 15 years

Tunbridge Wells-based firm Gerrard White celebrates 15 years

THE recruitment consultancy Gerrard White is working towards a new goal. 

The Tunbridge Wells-based firm hopes to open a second office in London as demand rises for their ability to source skilled professionals for other companies. 

Over the past decade and a half, the company has grown from six to 30 staff and has branched out to different markets and clients. 

Gerrard White is now able to provide a service for accountancy, insurance, technology, financial services, legal and executive clients. 

Director Jim Baxter has been at the forefront for seven and a half years, and was well-placed to throw a surprise party for senior Director Anthony Gerrard-White last month to celebrate their successful 15 years.

While social media and new technology has led to the industry changing somewhat, Mr Baxter said the core values of customer service are as important as ever. 

 “For us, the challenge has always been to find skills for our clients. There is nothing more important to us than the service we can provide for people. 

“Now we are really excited about the chance to develop into London. We will have even more opportunities in London, as many of our clients are not local [to Tunbridge Wells].” 

Gerrard White moved from Wellington Gate in Tunbridge Wells to their larger premises in Lonsdale Gardens to allow more staff to become part of the company. 

Mr Baxter said helping to develop a team has been one of his highlights. 

“It is a challenge to find the right people to work for us. Lots of people who come to us have no experience, and it has been a privilege to see them develop. 

“I feel quite proud to have worked alongside such a wonderful group of people. It’s a great place to work.” 


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