Top Rusthall boxer has his eye on the national finals

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A super heavyweight champion from Rusthall and Tunbridge Wells Boxing Club will be seeking to defend his title this week, with an eye on moving on to the national scene.

James Baurer has been boxing as an amateur for seven years and is ranked number one in his weight category in southern England.

He is currently fresh from his September 19 victory which secured his victory in the Kent championship in a fight his coach described as ‘absolute total war.’


The 25-year-old, who works in property maintenance, will be facing his next challenge in Ramsgate this Saturday, from which victory would take him to the quarter-finals of the national championships.

Mr Baurer, who weighs 14st 13lb, said he believes he has what it takes to make it big in the sport and hopes to be considered for professional boxing soon.

He said: “To go professional I just have to keep on winning. I think I’m gifted enough and train hard, although I do struggle when it comes to fighting taller opponents.”

Despite his aptitude for the sport, he still does not let his mother watch as he knows she is always concerned for his well-being.

He said: “I don’t want her to worry so I just text her the results and update her on when I’m about to fight. But it’s rare for her to watch.”

Coach Billy Hall said Mr Baurer’s last fight, in which he beat Big Ted Adams to win the Kent championship, was particularly brutal.

He said: “James was fighting an individual 30 kilos heavier, with arms the size of my legs. It was absolute, total war.

“He defied my instructions and went in with his hands down and they just started trading blows. It was very dangerous.

“His opponent was just slung on the ropes before his team had to throw in the town.”

Mr Hall is expecting interest in the sport to surge next April when the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells host its first live boxing match since 1988.

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