The Times is a year old and celebrates with the launch of another newspaper

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The Times of Tunbridge Wells this week marks its first birthday with the news that we are publishing a sister paper in Tonbridge.

It will be called the Times of Tonbridge and will be available every Wednesday free of charge starting March 23. The quality, upmarket paper will share the same core values as the Times of Tunbridge Wells, focusing on local people and businesses.

Through significant investment in circulation we intend to make it the biggest newspaper in town. Copies will be available at supermarkets, coffee shops and newsagents. The paper will be handed out from 6am at Tonbridge and Hildenborough railway stations and copies will be delivered to homes in the town centre.

The move comes in response to advertisers in and around Tonbridge asking for a similar media platform to that provided in Tunbridge Wells.

The launch also reflects the ongoing success of the Tunbridge Wells edition. In the last year we have covered more than 1,100 news stories, including 500 articles relating to business in the area – which remains at the core of the paper.

During the past 12 months, the Times has led on some of the biggest stories impacting the town and it residents.

From highlighting the challenges faced by the borough council as it deals with major funding cuts to reporting on the need for improving commuter services, plus news of multi-million plans for revamping Royal Victoria Place shopping centre, the Times has been there to record events that matter.


Jo James, Chief Executive of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce:
“Happy first birthday, and thanks for shining a spotlight on the local businesses and what they are doing to ensure the town and sur-rounding area has a vibrant economy. Proof positive that local journalism is alive and well in Tunbridge Wells.”

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark:
“Congratulations to the Times of Tunbridge Wells on its first birthday – at a time when local newspapers are closing in other places, it goes to show that people in our town are avid readers of local news.”

Alison Parmar, Development Manager for the Kent Federation of Small Businesses:
“In an increasingly digital world, it is great to have a local newspaper on your doorstep. Since its launch, the Times of Tunbridge Wells has covered exciting local develop-ments and issues for small businesses, as well as putting faces to names.”

Matthew Sankey, Chairman of the Association of Pantiles Traders:
“I love the paper. It offers local news and views and I genuinely read it every week. I like the fact the paper isn’t afraid to tell the truth on issues such as business rates.”

TWBC Council Leader David Jukes said:
“You have brought a considerable amount of balance in the reporting of functions and events in the town and in particular at the Council.”

Tunbridge Wells Mayor David Elliott:
“I’ve found the Times of Tunbridge Wells very interesting. It has covered our may-oral events and gives intelligent coverage with its mix of local, national and international news. I look forward to picking a copy up every Wednesday.”

Chair of Women in Business West Kent Emma Cox:
“I get the paper delivered every week and I like the fact there’s a mix of local news and busi-ness in there, with a lot of people that are at my networking meetings appearing in there, so it’s nice to see their successes. I like the fact there are some bigger features as well.”

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes:
‘Local independent newspapers play a vital role in telling people what is happening in their area, without resorting to sensationalism or having to act as the mouthpiece of any political party. It was a bold move to set up the Times of Tunbridge Wells last year, at a time when unfortunately many local and national newspapers are struggling, so I’m pleased it has proved a success and I wish the paper all the best for the future’

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