The full letter: Labour Councillor Graham Munn on the Civic Complex vote

The full letter: Labour Councillor Graham Munn on the Civic Complex vote

This week Labour councillor Graham Munn wrote in to share his views on being used on TW Alliance leaflets and on the Civic Complex proposal. Here is what he has to say:

As a sitting Labour councillor for Southborough and High Brooms whose term ends in May 2018, I have discovered the group calling itself TW Alliance has sought to distribute leaflets made up of me throwing away £50 notes claiming that “he wants to spend £90million on new council offices and a new theatre”.

The leaflets urge people to email me about my “actions” (which?) and not to vote for me. But how does this group know what I want?

As a Labour member I am not in the driving seat of this scheme, have one vote among 48, and until very recently have avoided comment either way. Instead I have kept abreast with the emerging story, read the documents, attend the meetings and have continued to quietly weigh it up.

Despite the group’s shabby and negative approach and not because of it I have decided to vote against the scheme in the meeting on December 6.

As for voting for me I would ask everyone who has a vote to vote for Labour whenever possible, not for TW Alliance, if there is an alternative destination for £90million I should like that to be for temporary housing for homeless people, low cost housing to rent and truly affordable homes for first time buyers.

Is that in accord with the group’s aims? I doubt it. I expect they want to see no change to their locality so that house prices continue to increase, but I could be wrong. To err is human…

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