The charity whose aim is to make entrance into selective education accessible for all children

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“AIM was established in 2015 by three local mums with the desire to make grammar school places more accessible to children from low-income families. It stands for Achieve, Inspire, Motivate.

AIM is not attempting to make any political statement about the grammar system, but simply trying to make it a fairer one.

It is supported by The Right Tuition Company, who provide professional tutors to teach the weekly sessions.

The programme familiarises the children with elements of the exam not taught in most schools. Children also have the opportunity to work in small groups alongside those similarly able and at the appropriate pace.

Town and Country Housing Association, who are committed to supporting social mobility for their tenants and the community, fund AIM.

The Round Table has also supported a large proportion of sessions over the summer, and Bethany School in Cranbrook facilitated a fantastic Go Ape trip at the end of this term.

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers who would like to dedicate some of their time to AIM.

If you’d like to lend a hand, please don’t hesitate to contact us – new members are always welcome.

AIM is holding an assessment session on Saturday November 5 at 2.30pm at Broadmead Church, Tunbridge Wells.

This will involve a one-hour test to help assess suitability for the January programme.

Unfortunately, there are only ten places available, therefore successful selection will be on a combination of test results and family circumstances.”


  • More than 50 hours of free professional tutoring – Monday evening sessions and school holiday workshops
  • Two mock exam sessions in May and July
  • A motivational approach
  • Two group trips
  • Peer support

For Year 5 children who are working at 11-plus levels and from low-income families


AIM has now been granted official charity status by the Charity Commission, and has launched a new website:

Please contact AIM if you meet our criteria and would like to book an assessment session

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