Term-time traffic starts again


As the new school year starts, the back to school efforts return to the front of motorists minds.

While clean uniform and packed school bags should be the priority for most school mums, in a survey conducted by Confused.com, almost a third of parents say that road rage on the school run is their biggest concern on a weekday, and believe that driving the children to school is more dangerous than driving to work.

In fact, road rage by the school gates is increasingly common, with 67 per cent of drivers admitting to feeling angry and frustrated while chauffeuring their children to school. Over a quarter of drivers have been involved in arguments over parking spaces, while half of parents also admitted that their children could easily walk or get the bus to school instead.

The average time spent in the morning commute is over an hour, at 63 minutes, despite 43 per cent of families living within two miles of the school. Time restraints and road safety are the main reasons for parents opting to drive instead, while one fifth of parents admit their children refuse to take public transport, and insist of lifts from parents instead.

Interestingly, competition between parents is also a contributing factor as to why the school run is such a necessity. Sixty four per cent of females and 60 per cent of males admit to making a considered effort in their appearance when travelling to school, including dressing up and applying extra makeup before making a playground appearance. Nearly three quarters of parents also admit that they pay particular attention to families based on the type of car the parents drive.

Tips issued from Confused on how to make an easier morning commute include the obvious, such as leaving earlier than planned and taking an alternative route, as well as providing on-the-go facilities in the car, such as breakfast bars, spare ties and pencil cases, so children can prepare easier in the car.

Have you witnessed any school mum drama on your school runs through Tunbridge Wells? Any shameful parking or unnecessary drop-offs? Send your stories and photos to newsdesk@timesoftunbridgewells.co.uk as well as any ideas of how you would ease school congestion in the area.

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