Teen on trial over Rusthall rape found victim’s plight ‘hilarious’

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THE teenager accused of multiple sex attacks on young women is a fantasist who described one incident as ‘hilarious’ in a conversation to a friend, Maidstone Crown Court heard last week.

Chiron Hutchinson, 19, who attended £30,000 a year St Bede’s School in East Sussex, is on trial for six counts of rape, one of attempted rape, and six of sexual assault. He denies the charges.

Three of his four victims, all teenagers, came forward after he was charged with raping a 24-year-old French woman in a secluded part of Rusthall Common on October 8 last year. The incidents are said to have taken place during July and October 2016.

The first incident is said to have happened on July 8, when Hutchinson, then aged 18, drove a 19-year-old to see his horses at a stable in Berwick.

The jury heard how his alleged attempt to rape the girl after forcing himself upon her came to an end when she punched him in the face after a struggle.

She later told friends what had happened and described Hutchinson as a creep.

“She didn’t want to and she was struggling”

During another incident, the court was told that Hutchinson called a friend to joke about how he had taken the virginity of another alleged victim, aged 16, during a play-fight on September 12.

Hutchinson described the incident as ‘f****** hilarious’, but his friend responded ‘it sounds like rape’.

The court heard the girl in question was emotionally vulnerable and was ‘manipulated’ by Hutchinson ‘for his own ulterior motives’.

She was said to have initially agreed to have sex with him but changed her mind and told him to stop. However, he is alleged to have proceeded to pull down her jeans and rape her.

“She was saying no, that she didn’t want to and she was struggling,” said Prosecutor Christopher May.

The third incident is alleged to have occurred just six days before his arrest, on October 2 when he repeatedly raped a drunk 17-year-old he had met at MooMoo nightclub, firstly in his car, then in woods and twice more at his mother’s house in Uckfield.

The court heard how Hutchinson had created an image of himself as a model and a financially successful stockbroker with an apartment in London’s Hampstead.

Mr May said Hutchinson use this fantasy lifestyle to impress and ‘put off’ victims, but none of it was true and ‘was just bravado on his part as opposed to the truth.’ It was not even known if Hutchinson even had a job at the time.

The final incident is alleged to have occurred on October 8, when Hutchinson met the intoxicated 24-year-old French Woman, also outside MooMoo nightclub as she walked alone.

He is said to have driven her to Toad Rock where he proceeded to rape her before dropping her off at her friends who later took her to Tunbridge Wells hospital due to the injuries she sustained.

Hutchinson, of Mount Pleasant, Uckfield, East Sussex was arrested four days later.

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