Targetfollow extends chance to buy Tunbridge Wells Golf Club

Pam Mills

Property investment firm Targetfollow looks to be keeping its options open by extending their opportunity to buy Tunbridge Wells Golf Club.

The company, which already owns Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons, made an offer in 2015 to buy the Langton Road grounds for a reported £1.75million.

Targetfollow struck a £50,000 deal at that point which would have allowed them 12 months to decide whether to complete the purchase.

This period had already been extended, and last week was revealed to have been put back again until the end of 2018.

Steve Grogan, Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Golf Club, said: “They had the option to purchase the golf club until the end of 2017.

“They did not complete that option, but they have a new option to last for another 12 months until the end of 2018.
“It is impossible to say what will happen. We do not have any further information until they come to us.

“There is no change. They still have an option to buy the club. We just have to wait and members are waiting to see.”

Tunbridge Wells Golf Club has 150 members who would stand to share in any proceeds from a sale.
The Golf Club was established in 1889 and has nine holes.

Targetfollow was approached for a comment but at the time of going to press they had not responded.

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